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  1. Unless the video card is supported by the original drivers, it will not work.
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    -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    I am constantly looking / checking up on this and dug deep into EFI information, Soon enjough I will educate myself enough to contribute.
  3. I am so impressed with this product, it runs so much software properly. I have finnally deleted windows from my mac and will not look back. Cant wait till this product hits final as I will be purchasing it.
  4. Do you think it is possible to adapt the PCI Host Proxy kernel patch for linux (http://www.scaramanga.co.uk/) to patch the osx kernel? What I am thinking about is using a Qemu+Host Proxy Patch+PCI video card to get an 'video accelerated' Windows Install on a dedicated video output. Just an idea, what do you guys think?
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    direct connect

    Darwine & DC++ works
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    Universal Requests?

    A port of "Stepmania 3.9" http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=37892
  7. Yeah apparently we need a recompile to get this working. Should we put out a prize for someone to do this for us? 10.4.3 needs wifi! I, also have a "4320" wireless card and thats the one thing in my AMD system (besides SATA of course) that is not working. Even my PCI 9200 works (w/o quartz and such due to PCI) Boots off of USB and everything, heck I even take it to work every now and then