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  1. still wont work for some reason. I've been booting in everyway possible as far as I know of. Anything else? btw have u checked netkas for a driver?
  2. If anyone would help, it would be greatly appreciated. I've managed to install Snow Leopard 10.6.2 using the flash drive method mentioned above, however, I can't get the darned thing to boot. It always hangs at DSMOS has arrived. Please any ideas? I'll write a tutorial as soon as I figure all this stuff out. Thanks
  3. So I've managed to install Snow Leopard via the usb flash method, but I can't get it to boot. When I boot -v it gets Stuck at DSMOS has arrived..=( Can anyone please make my life easier and help me out. I've been working on this for a week straight now, researching and losing sleep. I was able to install iatkos v7 with no real problems, if thats of any value. Thanks
  4. Alright all, I've spent countless hours researching and have yet to come up with a solution. When I restart my computer and boot from the CD/DVD drive with the IAtkos 7 iso, the grey screen with the apple logo comes up for one second and then my computer restarts. I've tried using other iso's, but can never get to the install screen. I've used Kalyway 10.5.2 and it just gets stuck at the darwin version and freezes. This is the closest I've come to loading the OS X install screen. I've looked everywhere for solutions, but can't seem to find any. Another inteteresting note; I've tried using VMware with kalyway 10.5.2 and the OS X install screen comes up and everything loads, however the IAtkos 7 iso flashes the grey OS X install screen the same way it does when I try booting from my CD/DVD drive. Though at this point, I've tried many different .iso's so I really do not believe that is the problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Oh, and also I'm running on a dell 435 MiniTower