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  1. Radeon X1600 Pro - Dump or Keep?

    Sorry, forgot to mention: I tried pretty much every combination: Uni installer + manual modification, dual kext, the x1600 dual thingy. The problem may be that one screen is TFT and uses DVI and the other a DVI-VGA adapter for a CRT.
  2. Radeon X1600 Pro - Dump or Keep?

    Hi guys! I have a Radeon X1600 (Pro, by MSI I think), PCIE model. Currently it works using the Natit Uni installer, everything but dual screen. I use an 8.8.1 Kernel, on a 10.4.8 machine, of course . But, as it happens, dual screen is kind of essential for me. So here's my question: Should I keep the X1600 and wait for a nice installer for it that enables dual screen, or do you have any info that might help me? or should I sell/scrap the X1600 and buy a new card which currently has Dual Screen working? What are your thoughts?
  3. I'm one of the lucky ones who did the borisbadenov patch manually and now have resolution switching and so on, as well as full GUI accelleration support. I have an MSI RX1600XT, so two DVIs and one SVHS out. I also have two screens: one TFT 19", using DVI and a CRT 21" using the DVI2VGA adapter. Both work, but not at once. So if there's any progress with dual screen in this area, I'd be very glad to hear about it. If I can help with anything or test anything, I'll also be glad to do that