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  1. Hi Jaygrid That's how I did. 1 - download High Sierra on App store (in Application) 2 - I used BootBuddy to create USB keys. 3- Once the installation keys finish, I have installed Clover 4221 (ESP) on usb keys 4 - In clover on usb keys: Install your DSDT, Config.plist, and your Kexts in folder 10.13 and other 5 - Starts and installs H.Sierra. (Two part installation) Normally must work Here are my files if this can help. PS: I had this reboot problem, which I corrected by putting in clover / kexts / 10.13 and other folder NullCPUPowerManagement.kext Archive.zip
  2. Hello, A small question about the Z400. Does your firewire work? Since the installation on Z400 I can not make it work. Rockey12 I noticed that in your config.plist there are settings for your firewire 'rubrque device', I tried to apply them but nothing done. I would like to know how you found these parameters with IOregistry? Thank you. Otherwise everything works, it's just one more firewire (history of perfection). Thank you guys
  3. Hello everyone. I just installed the final version of Mac OS Hihg Sierra without any problems. To do this I used: For the creation of the USB key the utility provided by Rockey12 namely BootBuddy.app (very good). Then I installed HighSierra without any problems. For what uses an nvidia graphics card like me, when installing nvidia drivers, I had an error, after research I read that I had to modify the RTvariables in clover in order to pass CsrAticeconfig to 0x00, then to put it back in 0x67 and everything works. I want to thank Rockey12, Jaymack as well as Chris1111 (for his installers, as they really are), but also the whole community for their work. Thanks to ALL.
  4. For Sierra I also added in Clover / Kext, the following kexts: NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext Lilu.kext Then I applied AGDPFix post install
  5. If you use my EFI Z400 folder in config.plist, then System Parameters the NvidiaWeb option is checked, may be related to your problem.
  6. test with it https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddxd7tr50ieluau/EFI%20Good%20Z400.zip?dl=0 This one for sierra https://www.dropbox.com/s/ybt5aoeb9rugpkf/EFI%20Z400.zip?dl=0
  7. MacOS Sierra on HP 15-ay034nl

    For the battery sound ACPIBatteryManager.kext.rar VoodooHDA.kext.rar
  8. MacOS Sierra on HP 15-ay034nl

    Follows the advice of @ gengik84
  9. MacOS Sierra on HP 15-ay034nl

    Adds to Clover \ Kexts \ nullCPUpowermangement.kext https://www.fichier-zip.com/timer.php?id=47529 You can also put with colver configurator: <Key> AsusAICPUPM </ key> <True /> Test and tell us
  10. MacOS Sierra on HP 15-ay034nl

    Hello, You can use -v kext-dev-mode = 1 rootless = 0 By the way, BroadCom BMC43142 I do not believe sierra and ethernet compatible what type of Realtek
  11. MacOS Sierra on HP 15-ay034nl

    With that it must work RehabMan-USBInjectAll-2017-0609.zip
  12. MacOS Sierra on HP 15-ay034nl

    @ end3rpower50 Hello, You can try with that! EFI.zip SLE Kexts.zip
  13. Versions bêta : macOS 10.13

    Pour High Sierra à tester sur vos machine : Tout d'abord, vous devrez installer Installer MacOS 10.13 Beta.app dans votre dossier Applications. Ensuite, vous devrez cliquer avec le bouton droit de la souris, puis afficher Afficher le contenu du Paquet / Contenu / Shared Support et, à partir de là, installer InstallESD.dmg. Une fois monté, vous trouverez le dossier Packages et Core.pkg. Double-cliquez sur Core.pkg et installez MacOS sur la partition souhaitée, SSD ou HDD (précédemment formaté dans HFS +). Lorsque vous avez terminé, montez BaseSystem.dmg puis copiez dans System / Library / CoreServices / boot.efi et collez-le dans le même emplacement, mais sur le lecteur installé. (Vôtre SSD ou HDD qui à acueillie l’installation de High Sierra. Redémarre sur votre Clé USB Clover (pour moi r4089 et clé usb fabriquer avec l’outil de @Chris1111 : macOS High Sierra OS X Base System + ma DSDT + Ma Config + Mes Kexts) et en quelques secondes, vous atteindrez l'écran de bureau. Profitez de High Sierra! J'aimerais revenir. Un Grand Merci à @Chris1111 pour son énorme travail comme DAB! et à tous les autres qui passe du temps pour faire fonctionner les dernières versions sur nos machine. Grand Merci
  14. @Rockey12 High Sierra 10.13 Beta: Everything works audio, wifi, network, usb, bluetooh ... for now, there is only graphic acceleration that does not go, but I knew it (GTX960, for now I test several chosen). I will post afterwards comment I installed (odd, car I have not stopped to take my head for my SSD, but this is a function of the first shot). I wanted to reward for your dedication to this forum. Thanks again. To Install High Sierra on HP Z400 without problems: First, you will need to install Install MacOS 10.13 Beta.app in your Applications folder. Then you will have to right-click, then display Show Package Contents / Contents / Shared Support and from there mount InstallESD.dmg. Once mounted, you will find the folder Packages and Core.pkg. Double-click Core.pkg and install MacOS to the desired partition, SSD, or HDD (previously formatted in HFS +). When finished, mount BaseSystem.dmg and then copy System / Library / CoreServices / boot.efi and paste it to the same location, but on the installed drive. Start it with your existing Clover (r4089) and within seconds you will reach the desktop screen. Enjoy High Sierra! I will love to come back. @ Chris1111 As always a big thank you to you for your work, because it is widely in part thanks to you! thank you CLOVER HP Z400 HSierra.zip