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  1. No audio on ALC888 - 10.6.6

    Hi! I've got the same problem. How did you get yours to work? Thanks, Janis
  2. Hi man, thanx for reply. I do have a second backup osx, but cos im lauzy ) i read this forum and see that all is sort of good and went ahead and applied it to the main partition... anyway this is not how i messed up the firewire. forget about the wifi, dont care and dont use it at the moment, but i do need 3 fire wire ports. I managed to log into system - reset bios and aplied point from your tutorial about bios. I dont know how that could have changed, but im logged in now... So: yes, all 3 ports were fine before, but funny thing is that i reinstalled all of it and im back to 10.6.4 as i was and they're not fine... could it be something to do with 32 or 64 bit mode?
  3. Can anyone help? Now I also cant log in, the system freezes or kernel panics from both usb and cham part from main hdd... says something like usbmsc identifier and just stays there for ever... also ive noticed that now when i set to boot from usb it reads it considerably slower than before... after a while it says: still waiting for root device... (( I didnt change anything.... why oh why me.... ( please someone help me find a solution as now i cant even log in... p.s. its is loging fine into windows partition.
  4. After long surf in web I think my problem is that I need to add the Firewire card to the dsdt.aml file... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...amp;mode=linear but because im lame... i ned somebody to explain how to do it properly.... I tried it with dsdt editor, but all i know is to copy and paste the code into dsdt file... is this the correct way of doing it? anyhow, i tried it 3 or 4 ways, rebooting and none of the times it worked, the closest, nicest msg i got was: firewire (OHCI) TI ID8025PCI: no valid selfIDS for more than 3 minutes after bus reset.... what does that mean? so i tried also a bit of old school plug and play investigative method and found that i can mount 1 drive at a time through firewire, so that's mount 1, then unmount, mount 2... they work, but I cant get the 400 port to work for my minidv camera in final cut pro... the system just freezes when i plug the camera in, and when i unplug it becomes alive again... Ohhhh... someone please tell me what's wrong here....
  5. Hi BlackOsx, Im having a little... or rather big problem for me. So the story: I had a system 10.6.4 running fine for about 6 months, I updated to 10.6.5 3 days ago. All was good, but no airport card now... stupid me tried to fix it in several ways, i f** the system completely and did clean install like new... now it is 10.6.4 again with your new files for chameleon and new chameleon obviously, so here are the problems, i wonder if you could help me: 1. Main problem is Firewire card is recognized, but working funny: i have 3 ports (2x800, 1x400). middle 800 and 400 work fine, but last 800 is not working properly. most of the time if i plug hard drive into it it just doesn't come up in the finder... sometimes (very rarely) it mounts and after some minutes just ejects... i tried googling the problem, again deleted some kexts and fkd up my system again and did clean install ( 2nd time I wonder, could it be the new chameleon and your new files? cos the system is like it was before I started messing with it - 10.6.4 and all was good... I realy need all 3 ports because of my video work... I also tried swaping it into other PCI slot... no good... and it is TI chip. 2. not that important problem: airport is recognized, sees networks, but doesnt see my home wifi ?!! how can it be?
  6. Hi, I have the same issue... updates, patched audio, but airport not working...have you found the solution? thanks
  7. Hi There, Everything's working!!! Thanx a lot!
  8. Hello, I have a problem now: everything was working fine, but then i bought 4gb more RAM, and when I booted - the airport card is not recognized any more... why? i dont know... The funny think is that it occasionally comes back, but then again dissapears ()this happens after different reboots, not while in macos) Win7 recognizes wireless fine even with more ram... It's confusing... could the ram be the case? thanx
  9. Johny, but does your OC CPU show up correctly in OSX abouth this mac? mine doesnt, do you know how to fix it?
  10. thanx man, well i read a post about overclocking my q8300 and kind of tried inputing the safe values into bios, its running stable... i didnt do any modif in ram section... all i did is increases FSB from 333 to 430 and increased vcore from 1.2 to 1.43.... maybe i should minimize it a bit? the cpu is running at aroun 39-43 degrees, how can i stress test it? i read a siple command in terminal like "yes ? /dev/null" which increased cpu speed to 56-69 degrees, but didnt crash the pc... i still would like to get the 3.33ghz in about my mac section... do you know how to do it?
  11. Hi Blackos, I overclocked my CPU. I didnt really know how to do it, i read some posts and changed FSB to 430 in bios and added a bit of voltage in bios (1.43v) to be exact. I now have 3.36GHZ in BIOS (originally q8300 2.5) so that's cool. But OSX still shows 2.5.... benchmarks are faster, but i was just wondering if there is a way to recognize 3.36ghz in osx? also if you know the right way to overclock on my board, please tell me. thanx a lot! so har my hack with your guide is working pretty stable!!! no crushes for 2 weeks now! thanx a lot man
  12. Hey BlackOS! Just wanted to let you know that I got everything working, I managed to make an image ()deleted the sleep kexts and repaired permissions. Only thing I cant get to work is fireware card... i bought a cheap one from ebay for 6£... when osx is booting i tried verbose it says something like fireware card not recognised or not replying... and after a while it boots, but with no mouse or keybord ( and i have to press reset button... any suggestions? should i buy a particular FW card? also I tried installing win7 on the backup partition... i installed, but then I could boot into chameleon at all, that was scary, not even into usb... i then booted from win7 dvd and deleted the win partition.. i fixed everything with chameleon and osx the question is - how can i install win7 now so that i can boot via cham and choose osx or win? thanx for your help - HACK is working like a charm, at the moment rendering massive HD video!
  13. Hello, could you help me to understand this kernel panic: I installed sno leo using boot usb with chameleon. then created cham partition and am booting from it with no problem. Now i want to create an image of my hdd just for safety, so i decided to boot from that usb i installed from... and im getting kernel panics. the image attached... i tried changing bios to 32, 64... no luck... tried deleting sleep kext.. no luck... why is it so??? the hack is working fine, but it just worries me that i cant boot from usb anymore... please help.
  14. chameleon causing kernel panic

    Hey guys, Did you solve kernel panic? I'm having opositte. I installed from boot usb and created chameleon partition it works fine, but when i try to boot from usb ()i want to make and image of hdd for future i get kernel panic.
  15. Hey BlackOs, I did what you said - installed the new bootloader onto USB with OSX install on it... I still get Kernel Panic everytime I trie to boot into USB installation... here is the image attached. I really dont know what is causeing it... I think now that its the installation... cos the boot is identical to cham partition from which booting is perfect... no kernel panics... I'll be waiting for yours and anyones suggestions. Thanx