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  1. ati mobility radeon 5650

    I'm being cautiously optimistic. I've got a Dell Studio with a 5470, and really hoping this is the breakthrough we've been waiting for.
  2. ati mobility radeon 5650

    For anyone still following this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...248751&st=0
  3. No worries about digging it up, though my LE1600 is currently pulling double-duty as my networks wifi router, after my 6 year old Airport finally burned up. From what I remember, it went straight on. There were a few additional .kexts I needed to find and use after installation, but off the top of my head I can't remember them. It wasn't difficult at all though. I would point you towards the aforementioned thread on the x61, as I seem to recall using some things from there. I'd love to know if you get it working though.
  4. I finally got around to putting iDeneb 10.5.6 on my old Motion LE1600 tablet last night, and so far am really digging it. I've got everything that I need working (wifi, digitizer, etc) EXCEPT the hardware buttons, which is something of a deal breaker for me, as this would mainly be used for reading ebooks and surfing the web and without the hardware buttons...well, it becomes much more difficult than it needs to be. I found a post where someone managed to get them working on Lenovo X61, and I tried using his supplied .kext on a lark, but no joy. Beyond that, I haven't been able to find much info on the subject. Am I dreaming here, or could it be possible to get them working? And if it is possible, any advice or nudges in the right direction would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. So after about a week I got my hackbook up and running, with everything working perfectly (except sleep -- but I'm glad that doesn't work). Problem is I've recently gotten into LOTRO, and they don't have a proper mac client. There's a workaround to run it in X11, but it doesn't like my graphics kexts, apparently (9600M GT), as when it loads the screen is all...warped. So I want to install Vista x64 again to take proper advantage of all my ram (6GB), but I stupidly formatted my drive as GPT originally instead of MBR like I should have, because I figured...why on earth would I ever want to run windows again? So to cut a long story somewhat short, I need to reformat my drive to MBR, which is a destructive format. I have drives to backup all my information, but my question is this- if I make a full backup via disk utility (Restore primary hard disk GPT -> secondary disk), can I restore (Restore backup disk -> primary disk New MBR) without problems? Or am I going to run into issues switching between MBR and just trying to restore? I hate having to re-install my OS if I can help it, as it took me a long time to get everything working just right, and I failed to properly document it.
  6. Awesome man, great work as always.
  7. ...weird. I was in the process of asking the same thing as Ridge when I got the email notification that he had posted.
  8. Hey Ridge, that's awesome man. You guys are doing a great job, and there's a lot of people here who very much appreciate all the hard work you're doing. Fingers crossed on getting mobility soon.
  9. So, my gut is telling me not to, but I've always been an impulsive shopper. I've got a rig I built myself, C2D Q6600, XFX 680i LT SLI mobo, 8GB ram. I've been running it on Craigslist along with a 60GB PS3 with a few games and accessories, desperately hoping someone will consider the two things for a Macbook Pro, or a newer Macbook. Today I got offered a Dell Precision M90, 2.0GHz C2D, 17" WUXGA screen (1920x1200), 512 graphics card, DVD/CD Burner, 4GB RAM and a 100GB 7200RPM HD. I know the line is discontinued, and it's two years old. But...did I mention I'm impulsive and a gadget freak? But, since I have no money and a trade is the last chance I'm going to have to get a decent laptop for a good while I'm being as careful as I possibly can. My gut tells me not to do it, but I just don't know. Anyone here have experience with them? Are they decent enough to make a trade worthwhile? Any advice would be much appreciated, whether yay or nay.
  10. It's pretty superior, which is what has given me pause. Hidef display, 4GB RAM, etc, etc. Everyone was loaded out on it save the processor, which is the same. I think I'll hold on to it for a while yet. Thanks man.
  11. Hey Ridge, I don't mean to be a nag, but has any progress been made? Does it look like we're going to (eventually) have full support for the 3450? I only ask because I've possibly got an opportunity to trade my Studio for a Macbook, and if the Studio is never going to get full graphics support, I might take it.
  12. Hey Ridgeline, greatly appreciate everything you and the other guys are doing for this project. Are we any closer than we were on getting the 3450 running?
  13. Ridgeline and Fuji are working on the graphics card (3450) over in LastExile's ATI install thread (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=107526&st=960&), though there hasn't been an update yet today. Realistically, no, nothing new, yet, but if you want to stay on top of what's happening, check out the aforementioned thread.
  14. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Don't give up guys! You've got a bunch of people rooting for you.
  15. So pretty much, now all we need is working graphics drivers? Awesome guys. You've made amazing progress in a very short time, thanks!