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  1. ATI Radeon 6970 - Anybody get it to work in Snow?

    Ok, I get to a white screen with a cursor only when I put with -x and then I press my power button and it sleeps.. i press it again and it comes back from sleep and bam my screen is there.. So 1. How to get it working without going into safe mode and waking it from sleep.. Or 2. How difficult is it right now to install Lion GM (I got a copy of the installer ready on a USB drive) and should I just go ahead and try going that route? Thanks, you da man! -tehg33k
  2. ATI Radeon 6970 - Anybody get it to work in Snow?

    I just tried that and now I have a white screen.. any thoughts? I'm running it on 10.6.8.. my process was (because I couldnt get to the desktop, it was just a blue screen) plugging my SSD (boot drive) into my macbook via sata to usb adapter.. do what you said with the kexts and the boot files.. and then I ran pfix on that drive to repair permissions. Plugged the drive back in and booted it up in verobse.. after verbose i get a white screen.
  3. I'm making a Sandy Bridge Hackintosh using am p67a-ud3-b3 mb and I cannot seem to get any display using my ATI 6970 card. I have been reading around the net and have seen mixed results with getting this card to work...My question is, has anybody made it to the desktop using this card, and if so, do they have full resolution?
  4. Make sure you have hyperthreading turned OFF as it gives you a kernel panic until SL 10.6.2, whereas hyperthreading is enabled.