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    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I followed the directions in your guide and got my 1201n updated to 10.6.2. Thanks for your help. I deleted AppleHDA.kext and installed the VoodooHDA.kext into the /Extra/Extensions folder and restarted. No sound device shows up in the "Sound" preferences panel. What did I do wrong? Also, when the 1201n boots it flashes the Chameleon logo quickly and then goes into the boot process. How would I stop it after Chameleon so that I can type in the boot args so that I can install the Tea kernel? What advantages does the Tea kernel have? Thanks for any help.
  2. bingman

    Asus Eee PC 1201N

    Hi folks, I am a newbie to this forum. Thanks to all of you I have a 1201n that is working nicely with Mac OS X 10.6. I wanted to summarize what I did to get it working. 1) Use an existing Snow Leopard Apple iMac to burn an image using my Snow Leopard disc onto an 8 gb usb drive 2) Ran NetbookBootMaker on the usb drive 3) Tried to install using the above usb drive - this did NOT work - I got kernel panics 4) Downloaded meklorts copy of his /Extra folder and copied its contents into the /Extras folder on the usb drive 5) Installed from the usb drive - this WORKED! 6) Used a USB DVD drive to install the dev tools from my leopard disc I tried to use a Rosewill RNX-N1MAC USB Wireless N stick with the 1201n and noticed that the device lights for power did not come on. I checked using "USB Prober" and saw that the USB device was not showing up. I tried installing the latest drivers (1.7.1) from the Rosewill website and after the installer ran and I hit the "Restart" button the system crashed and would not restart (kept getting panics). So I redid steps 1 - 6 AND once I had a running system used Carbon Copy Cloner to back it up onto an external 250 Gb bootable USB drive. HAH! I hope to never have to do steps 1 - 6 again. Downloaded an app called unpkg and looked into the contents of the Rosewill driver and saw that there was a kext for the RT2870 wireless chipset. I then used kextutil to see if I could get the kext to load - I found that the problem was that the kext was for a 32 bit architecture and used System Profiler to verify that we are running a 64 bit kernel so 32 bit kexts will not work with it. I then found that RALink had new drivers for its usb wireless sticks and found that V2.0.1.0 drivers dated 12/31/2009 that listed 10.6 support! What a great Xmas present! I downloaded them and they are working! My Rosewill usb wireless N card works perfectly! What isn't working - audio, restart, onboard wireless network card I am returning an HP Mini 311 that I was running OS X on. It had working audio and I am hoping the sound solution that worked on it could be used on our 1201ns. I'd like to try to get more memory into this thing too. I've read that there is a 3.5 gb addressing limitation with the HP Minis chipset but I am not sure that the chipset in this thing has that limitation. Thanks to meklort and all the others who have helped with this project. Meklort wrote: "- Both the 64bit kernel and 32bit kernel work fine. If you plan on using the 64bit version, don't upgrade to 10.6.2 yet." Why not upgrade to 10.6.2? Does it use a 32 bit kernel? Have you guys done the upgrade 10.6.2? Is everything working? I may back up my HD and try it.