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  1. Atheros AR8131/AR8132

    I have a Asus ul30vt laptop with the ethernet Atheros AR8132M 10/100Mb (according to asus webpage) I can surley try and help you out. Hackintosh build 10.6.2 with myHack
  2. Exactly how did you manage to boot from usb? Did you prepare with disk utility from another mac or did you do it with a external dvd? Or have did anyone here do it? Cause I'm having problem preparing (or with the laptop to boot from usb) my usb-harddrive. Things I have tried: *Disk utility inside 10.5.8 -Mac os Extended with GUID and MBR... Nothing seems to please my laptop..
  3. No dont keep it private, if I or anyone else in here would help someone with there post it would be great So you just started? And choose to boot from DVD? You didn't change any settings in BIOS? I'm interested in the settings so I can imitate your installation, and for the record I have a extra amd 6000+x2 processor that I'm planing on try out if nothing else workouts =/ I also have an extra Sata harddrive for the OS X, if I would get it going...
  4. Thank you Anban! Strange problem solve ;S Yeah I tried both without ACHI mode active and just normal setup, same crash. But I'm hopeful Also I have contacted the thread creator that you linked ty m8
  5. Hi! I have to congratulate you for your forth Hackintosh ; )! But I wondering about how managed to get past the boot section with your setup, since we have similar computer setup I think that maybe you can help me =) My situation is explained here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1383336 Have it good!
  6. Hello! I have no idea what that would do any difference ;S But no it dosen't work... Edit: Still same problems both on WMware and regularly bootmethod
  7. Can it be windows 7? Is it even worth trying XP or VISTA?
  8. Leopard on Toshiba Satellite A505-S6960

    Only one way to find out... Try it?
  9. Hello Insanely Mac:ers! I'm new here so pleas be kind to me... The problem that's occurring during my attempts to run the mac OS X installation a varied. Mostly 2 main problems though... Computer; Amd Phenom II 720 BE Gigabyte GA-MA790X f5 BIOS Windows 7 RTM 1. I have downloaded iDeneb 1.6 1058 lite and burned it (checked that the md5 is ok, it is!) changed BIOS from native IDE to ACHI changed boot priority to my DVD. Rebooted pressed f8 typed -v cpus=1 it continuous booting, until 5 sec later it crashes just as the Apple logo is about to appear, last thing i see on the screen is "starting darwin". I add that I have tried booting with these different boot settings -v , -x, -f, cpus=1 and in various combination, nothing. 2. Then I thought about trying it on VMware, so I followed this guide VMware Guide. Downloaded the files for just that guide, got VMware workstation and fire it up, I got further just until 1 minut or so in it stopps and tells me that there is a ERROR code "unkown SIGSEGV code 0" Google on that and you will find that most of these are caused by AMD processors, leading me to believe there is a problem with my AMD CPU... So I'm asking if someone in this forum has a AMD processor that has been able to install with iDeneb (any version)? Also I found that a guy on the tube was able to install with exactly my motherboard.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQZ6HjxPpk4