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  1. When I push software to macs using Altiris, I want to notify logged-in users that they're getting an update. This should present them with a popup window and allow them to defer the update until later (a set period of time at which the popup will appear again), or accept the update, which will log them out and process the rest of the scripts involved. I'm not much of a programmer, but am handy enough with shell commands. What is the apple way of making a simple gui with a couple of buttons to either defer my update or run it? I don't know the full capabilities of altiris at this juncture, so I'm hoping to do with with a shell script only. If the proper method to do this requires apple script, I'm ok with that too. All it needs is to give a successful exit code when either time runs out or the accept button is pressed, that way the next scripts in the sequence will proceed.