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  1. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Glad to hear to from you again. The instructions of above post are not too bad. Download the correct kext package which is determined by your Mac OS X version, and your Intel GMA 950 device ID. Then download the boot_rel3 attachment, which is after being unzipped, a file named "boot." Replace the old "boot" file located in /{Snow Partition Name}. It is hidden by Mac OS X, so you need to show all hidden files (search the forums for doing that) before you can replace it.
  2. I used my old iMac for most of computer work, but now it doesn't work. So I bought a new Macbook, and I want restore the DMG I made in the iMac using CCC. Both the iMac and the Macbook is running Snow Leopard, and I have the installation dvd's. How can I restore my DMG to my new Macbook's hard drive? Thanks
  3. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Why don't you try copying the 10.6.0 gma kexts to your extensions folder?
  4. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    I'm not sure about this error. What version of snow did your display start working with QE?
  5. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Why don't you try following the post completely? To the letter. Tell me how it goes. Forget what I said earlier. Try the kexts posted on this thread. Use only the AppleIntelGMA(XXXX) kexts and leave the Framebuffer kext I gave you. Use KextUtility and reboot with -f. If this doesn't work, try deleting the Natit.kext you installed earlier. Then run kextutility and reboot with -f.
  6. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Try this post. Download the Natit.kext and place it in /s/l/e like in the post. Delete the CallistoHAL.kext. Leave the other kexts. Run KextUtility and reboot with -f.
  7. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Okay, you might need to patch your DSDT. Google and download for "DSDT Patcher GUI" Run it, and checkmark "Apply to.." and choose your Snow Leopard partition's name. Reboot with -f If, this did not work, Go to /(Your Snow Leopard Partition Name) Delete any dsdt files. Run DSDT Patcher GUI. Check "Force Compile," "New HPET," and "Apply to" your snow drive. Reboot with -f
  8. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Did you run KextUtility? Or, Try downloading the attachment from the website I posted on August 6th. Find the CallistoH(Something) kext, not the Callisto.kext. Save it into /s/l/e and run kextutility. Reboot.
  9. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Getting QE working is easy; the hard part is getting the resolution working. And your video is not playing be of QE. 1. Download my kext package I attached earlier. 2. Ignore the GMA950 kexts, and find the Callisto Kext and the AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext 3. Copy those two kexts that I bolded into /system/library/extensions (make sure to backup) 4. Run KextUtility, and then reboot. 5. Boot with -f flag Tell me how it goes.
  10. Intel GMA950 Black Screen On Games

    Not really, sometimes graphics card do not work out-of-the-box, even though there the same thing in real macs. It took me a long time to get GMA950 working in snow leopard. And Kiikqe, this is Quartz problem as CeleronPopsicle said. Try opening a JPEG in Preview; Making your Mac Menu bar Transparent; and/or use full screen in Keynote. These are all checks to see of QE is working.
  11. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    I'm sorry to hear that, but a clean installation helped me, so maybe it will help you. After you do a fresh installation, try this package I attached before using any of the above methods. Be sure to use only what is needed to boot your new installation and nothing else. That includes NO GRAPHIC FIXES. Use Leopard to install my package if you cannot see anything when booting Snow. UPDATE: Forget what I said about remove the .zip extension And about the boot loader, try making a chameleon v2 cd, so you do not have to worry about about installing one on your snow partition. You can make a cd by following this post. gma950_27a2.pkg.zip
  12. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Alright, so you have a Intel GMA950 card, but with the I.D. 27A2. So my kexts will not work. Download the attachment from this post. You should find some kexts; copy them into /System/Library/Extensions. {Make sure to backup your old kexts} Run KextUtility {Ignore the Problems} Reboot with the -f flag. Be sure to tell me how it goes and what problems you encountered.
  13. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Oh don't worry about them; it happened to me too. Just ignore the errors and let kext utility finish, then simply reboot and see what happens. If the kexts do not work, it is the problem with them and not kext utility and its errors. However, The solutions for Intel GMA 950 and 945 are two different stories. Make sure you know what your card is. And another however, My solution will NOT work at all if your I.D. is SOMETHING ELSE THEN (2772) The thing about kexts, is that there are multiple ways to get it working, but there is only one that should be used for a stable fix. And I think I know a fix for 27a2, but please make sure that is your I.D. and what is your card.
  14. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Make sure to backup the intel gma kexts or if mine did not work, you will be left with a black screen. If you are running 10.6.3, then you can use all of my kexts in the zip I attached. However, if you are using another version (like 10.6.0), do not use my GMA950 kexts (there are four of them). To fix your intel gma 950 card, use your stock kexts that came with your installation, then use all the kexts I attached, BUT NOT THE GMA950 ONES if you are not running 10.6.3. Good luck.
  15. Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    Solved. Looks like all those different attempts I made to fix the graphics card was the problem. All it took was a fresh install and using just the stock and the other kexts I posted above. In fact the fresh install even fix my audio speakers and microphone. And GunForHire, you might want to try what I did because I am using 10.6.3 with Quartz and Resolution: 1st: Check your graphics card I.D; use Everest Ultimate for Windows or System Profiler for Mac (It must be 2772). 2nd: Do A Fresh Install with whatever is Necessary to boot, but do not apply any video patches. 3rd: Download my attached kexts zip. 4th. Place them in /System/Library/Extensions 5th. VERY IMPORTANT download Kext Utility from here, run it, and let it finish. If you do not, IT WILL NOT WORK. 6th: Reboot and hopefully jump for joy. Hope that helps, anotheropaygo IntelGMA950Kexts.zip