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  1. Looking at this page: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...14114&st=20 It would appear that Jammol did, in fact, have this problem before using that adapter, but it would still be nice to hear from the man himself.
  2. Jammol: Just to verify:you were having this problem before using the adapter, and now you're not?
  3. Please Feel free to stop me if I'm heading the wrong direction, but I'm experiencing the Black Screen HDMI/HDCP 10.6.3 problem with an XFX 9800 GT (512MB) Card. Shouldn't that be a "supported GPU?" I understand that this card is essentially the same hardware as an 8800 GT, so maybe that's the problem, but I'm still not quite grasping why I'm having this issue on what looks to me like it should be a supported card. Anyway, please don't take this as argumentative. Just trying to learn. Thanks!
  4. iskanderdumacedon

    10.6.3 Update + 9800GX2 = Black Screen!

    Well, correct me if I'm wrong (I may well be), but doesn't this problem only happen with a GeForce 8800? (I have a 9800 GT, but my understanding is that it's the same card, just re-marked for marketing purposes)
  5. iskanderdumacedon

    10.6.3 Update + 9800GX2 = Black Screen!

    I know in a different thread, someone confirmed that this happens with a factory-built Mac Pro using a PC 8800 GT, but no one ever tested a factory-built Mac Pro with an apple-sold 8800 GT. Either way, this doesn't seem to be a "Hackintosh problem" per se'. But it's starting to look like maybe the only solutions are either another video card, or a non-HDMI/HDCP monitor.
  6. iskanderdumacedon

    10.6.2 doesn't work with 8800GT EFI Strings

    Yep, same result here. Hangs on blue screen in 10.6.3. Luckily, I tried it on my spare HDD first.
  7. iskanderdumacedon

    10.6.2 doesn't work with 8800GT EFI Strings

    I ended up fixing mine by replacing the Kexts (9800GT). Anyone tried 10.6.3 yet?
  8. Used this guide to successfully install on my EVGA X58 3x SLI. Has worked wonderfully for a few months now. I have USB Audio, so the update to 10.5.8 hasn't caused me any stress at all. I do have one interesting problem though: I use a VanTec NexStar External Hard Drive dock with eSATA and a Seagate 250GB HDD formatted FAT32 (formatted in Leopard) to swap large files between my Windows 7 and OSX environments. Firstly, I can't "hot plug" the dock/drive under OSX. It simply never shows up, though it works in Windows. I can, however, hot plug USB drives just fine. Second, whenever I boot to OSX with the drive already plugged in, and powered up, it shows up fine and works great for a few minutes before OSX freezes hard. As in, No mouse, No keyboard and everything on screen ceases to move that was previously moving (I.E. video, progress bars, etc.) Without that drive powered up, the system is rock-solid stable. I'm pretty new to this scene, so please, if you have something helpful to say, assume you're explaining it to someone dumber than you. Thanks everyone and thanks to Ihavearedcouch for the guide!
  9. iskanderdumacedon

    Successful installation of 10.5.2 on Toshiba Portege M200

    Attempting this install without a bootable DVD drive. I'm putting the Laptop HD in a USB enclosure, installing Kalyway 10.5.2 onto it via another Mac and then putting the HD back in the laptop, at which point it just prompts me to insert a system disk and press a key. Wasted. I've searched quite a bit for the solution, but can't find anything. Anyone have any ideas please? Thanks in advance.