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  1. Thanks for the input. Ive canceled the order and got the 500GB T5. Should perform much better!
  2. Im trying to go small with no cables. Thought the flash drive would be good.
  3. Hello, I was thinking on using one of these to install OSX on. Anyone have an any experience? Seems like it would be a good option
  4. aonavy

    Asus UX430UA keyboard backlighting

    bump... side note, do you also have a windows partition on your laptop?
  5. aonavy

    Bootloader and PCI-e USB 3 module

    do you have a computer with 2HDs? My laptop does. I added the 2nd with just OSX and kept my other HD for Windows. I made clover be the default partition to boot to and from there Clover sees all windows and osx patitions. I choose what I want to boot too.
  6. I have a few more updates if anyone is interested. I sorta have the keyboard back lite working with audio. Something strange happens but the only way to explain it go though the steps Turn on computer form being off and boot into OSX. KB and sound work fine. Reboot out of OSX and go back into OSX, KB and audio work fine. Reboot out of OSX and select Windows in clover, windows works 100%. Reboot out of windows and select OSX and now the KB works but no sound. I can either repair/clean out the Kext cache or shut down. If I shutdown and turn the laptop back on and boot into osx, KB and audio work fine. Every time I go to windows from OSX and back into OSX the sound stops. Its as if Clover stores some temp files while going into windows which then carry back over into OSX causing issues. ^^^All that might of not made sense. lol
  7. So after hours i finally got my external to boot with out a thumb drive Still dont have audio, touch pad or power meter working. I tried a few different referencing whats above but no luck. Any help would be great!!! So I started from scratch and installed a clean version of OSX. Added the files above and now i see the power bar, and the keyboard lights work. Mouse pad still doesnt work and the audio only worked once, then i rebooted and lost it. It shows theres an output source with volume rocket but no sound. Getting close... update 1 - keyboard lights stopped now... this is so nutty Update 2- Audio works and maybe always worked. The sound for adjusting the volume was off. played a youtube video and good. Update 3- I have keyboard lights working and sound. Only thing I did was repair permissions with Kext Wizard. After that I rebooted and lights worked. At first the audio wasnt working. I need to turn the sound up and an unmute for the sound to kick in. Everything works now. Update 4- now the KB lights magically stopped working. The audio stopped too but I got that back working. Not working: mouse pad, Screen dimmer Working: camera, audio including mic, charing indicator, keyboard lights and volume shortcuts, sdcard reader.
  8. So i made progress. I got OSX using a few different guides and the files provided above. I just pretty much cut and pasted and it worked. So right now i want to setup not using the thumbdrive to boot. Can someone walk me though that?
  9. I cant seem to get audio to work on my m11x with snow leopard on it. vmware does show a sound card. Ive installed EnsoniqAudioPCI_v1.0.3_Common_Installer.pkg and still no luck. any ideas?
  10. edit** found it. change workgroup to same as windows command -k then smb://"ip address of pc"/"drive" then password and user name for the wndows machine then to make it map even after reboot do this: make alias from anything (app,music,doc) the click on get info for that alias then click select new original and put in smb://"ip address of pc"/"drive" worked for me
  11. I have a external WD 500GB hd and a powerbook g4. i cant plug in the HD because the g4 has lower power output. only way to get it working is plugging a in a usb powered hub..PITA. So what i want to do it a "map" the hardrive thats plugged into my windows 7 machine with 10.5.8. on G4 can anyone help me out? ive set the hard drive for sharing already.
  12. aonavy

    Leopard on Toshiba Satellite A505-S6960

    id like to know also