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  1. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    where's the love? "good karma goes to those who upload". -Buddha
  2. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    do di doo. passing the time. dreaming of buying a new macbook pro....
  3. Mac on LG LW40 Help needed!

    hey there. i have an LG LS50 laptop and got my keyboard to work by editing the kext file. it seems you may have already tried this to... good luck.
  4. iPod Shuffle: Now in Colors!

    they are such bright colours much better than gen 1 mini's. yum. like a rainbow. how cool would it be if they do the macbook's in those colours!!
  5. i can't wait. 2007 is going to be a fabulous year for new software. im drooling.
  6. no chain0 file?

    awsome. i also have this same problem... im guessing you still need the windows drive set to active?? will try again tonight and post back with the outcome..
  7. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    First of all, a big thank you to the contributers on this thread. When i first began to read it, i thought it would be a piece of cake to set up my keyboard laptop because like the first poster, i have an LG (LS50) laptop! However it did take me a few hours. The last KEXT file that i believe SmilE wrote seemed to work for me. Here is what i did: -installed the SmilE kext with the instructions from the first post. -the i ran those terminal window lines above -i didn't change my usb keyboard, legacy support settings (ie they remained enabled) - AND i added the kextload, kextunload two lines to the end of my rc file. now my keyboard AND touchpad (bar the tapping) works fabulously. Thanks much!!! ps. Im on 10.4.6