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  1. QuickBooks Back-Up Problems

    Hello all, I am at my wits end with this problem. I have tried everything including anything listed on the QuickBooks support site to no avail. Here is the problem: An old PowerBook G4 in the office had HD problems to the point that fsck could not correct corrupted data problems. So, in order to get it to at least start-up so I could migrate the data on to a new MacBook I had to install 10.3 and archive the previous system. After doing so I attempted to back-up the QuickBooks NUE 5 (7.0 R2; I know, very old, but I just started this job and had no control over software usage). The back-up was successful but when I transfered it over to QuickBooks 6.0 (updated to newest version) that was available for the new MacBook it would not restore the back-up. I then tried to verify the back-up and data within it. QB said that nothing was amiss so I backed-up again and tried once more. Still will not open it. It continually gives me either "Your data was not restored." or "QuickBooks can only open QuickBooks data files." when attempting to open it on any other Mac within any other QB version (we do not have another mac with that exact same version and it is not available online so I cannot migrate like to like). The data on the laptop is still there and can be opened but cannot be transfered and opened by any other Mac running any other version of QuickBooks. Ideas? Had similar problems? I appreciate the help.
  2. Sharp Copier/Printer Networking Problem

    Hello all, I'm at my wits end with this one but am probably missing something simple. I have been unable to successfully get any of our office Macs (ranging from 10.4 to 10.6) to print from our networked Sharp AR-M450N printer/copier. I have easily gotten every single PC in the office printing on it over the network (so I know it is available on the network and not malfunctioning). Here is the problem for your review: - Adds fine through IP - Generic PostScript driver does not work - When I switch it to the AR-450 driver listed in OS X it still does not work - Have installed most up-to-date driver from Sharp website but it does not appear in the driver list - Queue shows print jobs but immediately pauses; if you 'play' the jobs in the queue window it will then immediately pause again; same cycle endlessly and nothing will ever print No matter what I do I cannot get it to print. I very much appreciate any and all help you can offer. Thanks again.