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  1. OS X unwanted overclocking / overheating

    lol and to put my two cents in... it displaying 3.6 doesnt mean that its overclocking your processor Soft clocking is dangerous in the first place, and its not actually overclocking your processor, its just a display error -clay
  2. system 7 on pc?

    ohhh i was unaware sorry -clay
  3. split between Blitzkid in Champaign, Illinois and Alesana in Rockford, IL -clay
  4. just making sure of something

    technically no its not i have a legal serial key -clay
  5. CoolTiger

    very nice but could you please make that ugly watermark like a size 7 pixel font? and make it like 75% opacity or something? its very obstrusive
  6. system 7 on pc?

    no as they are all ppc unless you want to run it through pearPC
  7. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    yes cod2 mp works fine for me
  8. Need guide on C++ in xCode

    you can also use vim and gcc.... no need to open xcode for cli apps :mellow: -clay
  9. Mac-like computer cases for a PC?

    i remember seeing one on newegg that was a G4ish case replica but the reviews were bad, it was supposedly flimsy, and had too many sharp edges you'd be better off modding a standard alumnium case yourself! -clay
  10. quake 4 conversion probs

    hey, i followed the guide on here, on converting the windows dvd to mac version i copied the baseq4 and english from my _working_ windows _install_ off my external hard drive and then installed the update, and applied blades No-DVD patch when i launch, single player and everything works fine but trying to connect to a server, i always get "cant connect to pure server no downloads offered" im really mad, because i want to play this on osx86, but not buy the mac version too! i think it might have to do with the No-DVD patch im using because it reportedly has "No-Serial protection" as well, so the binary could be corrupted in the servers eyes is there any other 1.3 patches availble? any ideas? -clay
  11. n00b help - how do i compile source with gcc

    well if its a native mac app, then there should just be an xcode project that you launch into the nice gui, and choose your build settings, and build... but if it uses makefiles, here it is $: ./configure $: make #: make install -clay
  12. Geekbench 2.0

    http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/119 damn colonel and his bangin machines colonels are made for chicken making! not geekbenching! -clay
  13. just making sure of something

    wonderful -clay
  14. What old Macs you have lying around?

    got a G3 running osx 10.0 i want to get 10.3 running on it but i have no interent connection and its a real pain running back and forth between computers to try and troubleshoot XPostFacto -clay
  15. just making sure of something

    Hey, Im going out to buy quake 4 today my local computer store only has Quake 4 for windows i have a version downloaded from the noid of demons (so i dont have to do the demo conversion thing) im just making sure my windows published serial is 100% fine with the aspyr release for mac's data -clay