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    10.5.2 and slow boot to desktop

    I get the same sort of wait on boot, but only when I have my shuffle plugged in. I know it has to be the problem, because it'll sit there and clock forever and eventually get to black screen, and sits there forever, but if I unplug the shuffle at any point, it just kicks into gear immediately. Looks to be a problem with my usb (board wouldn't even post with the shuffle plugged in and usb dos compat turned on in bios). I also have to boot with it plugged in, and then yank it and then plug it back in after deskltop loads before osx will mount it. Kind of similar to my only other issue with my install: randomly when I insert a CD, it'll spin up and shows on the desktop for a split second, then disappears. Acts like the drive is still mounted though, when I hit the eject button nothing happens. It started happening a lot less once I went from two optical drives to one. Otherwise everything works fine. Installed using leo4allv3 checking only via, rhine, and ac97 drivers. Installed nvidia using nvinstaller 41. Celeron D 2.53Ghz 2 GB DDR1 Ram MSI PM8M2-V Mainboard (via 8237 sata, ac97, rhine 2 ethernet) HP 630 DVD r/w WD 500 GB sata HDD nVidia 5200 128 MB generic card (qe/ci all work, just no transparent menubar)