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  1. Atheros Network Drivers

    I just don't get how it fired right up the first time, and after no system changes at all started locking the machine up at boot after the first restart... P.S. Sparky, how did your linksys WUSB600N hold up, problems with it too?
  2. Atheros Network Drivers

    hey guys! I have a TPLink TL-WN551G, 168c:001a on a dual boot Win 7/OSX 10.5.7 install, after replacing the ven and device IDs in the kernel extension and rebooting it showed up and worked fine as Airport; after the next restart however boot hangs at the desktop, sometimes before and sometimes right after the cursor appears on the blue screen; I've tried several other modified .kexts and it always happens unless I physically remove the card from the machine it will not boot. works fine in Win 7, but sucks cause now every time I want to use my mac I have to remove it... any thoughts?
  3. AppleIntelICHxSATA

    I think this might be related to my SATA issues as well... did you ever figure it out?
  4. [Help] How install OS X on Asus P5GD2-X?

    got everything gfx-wise working now; all I had to do was upgrade to 10.5.6 manually then reinstall my old kernel ext's Now on to tackling my SATA problems..
  5. [Help] How install OS X on Asus P5GD2-X?

    I successfully got a 10.5.5 system set up on this mb with iATKOS using a 3.07 GHz Celeron D single core from another machine; now moving on to the video card issues. Since the HCL stated there was no DVI support and my nVidia card is DVI out only, I installed it with an ATI Radeon X1600 512MB PCIe in place. With the default ATI kernel extensions that were installed I was able to change resolutions and adjust gamma/brightness etc. but had no QE/CI; after looking around here for a bit I found the solution and modified my kexts to match the cards IDs, set the IOPCIMatch key, rebooted and then was happy to find QE and CI working but the card shows up only as 256MB and there are unsightly mouse artifacts and no resolution change or any other adjustments :\ Ah well, I'm just happy that video plays fine for now- watching series 3 of Arrested Development I guess I'm gonna keep going at it until it works right with this card; thought about trying the nVidia out but don't want to put my system in jeopardy since I've already got it set up the way I like it.. hrmm.. All in all it's sure been quite an educational experience so far. Jazookie, your video card is essentially a rebranded nVidia 9500GT; here is the thread for the kext files if you've gotten that far... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t139775.html
  6. [Help] How install OS X on Asus P5GD2-X?

    damn! This motherboard doesn't support dual core CPUs. Anyone recommend a CPU for it?
  7. [Help] How install OS X on Asus P5GD2-X?

    Hi, Jakoozie! I just recently purchased the same motherboard and am currently investigating the same thing. Not sure which distro to use; anyone have any suggestions at all that would push us in the right direction? The Hardware Compatibility List has this to say about the mb: My processor is a Pentium D 3.73 GHz Presler chip and I have a nVidia GeForce 8600 so I assume I will use nvinject to get the graphics going. Gonna try to install it with a Kalyway disc I have laying around later. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!