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  1. hello MaLd0n, I felt a slowdown in booting after 10.13.6 update. I made a few changes to the drivers64UEFI folder. Is there a chance you can check it? Thank you. Send me phases-iMac.zip
  2. hi MaLdOn, I removed my old display card and installed the new AMD rx 560 card. I disabled the igPU from the BIOS. My new card worked natively. Sleep / wake seems to be working properly. I wanted to resubmit the RunMe output, so maybe it should be a place to update. MacXDVD Video Encoding shows that the program does not support hardware encoding. How can we enable hardware encoding? (I just added the CsmVideoDxe-64.efi file because I disabled the iGPU, because the windoz does not boot, can the fix be corrected otherwise?) file upload is not working, here is my send me file : https://we.tl/IfHClwHe2q PS: High Sierra can boot, but Sierra can not boot. Can we produce a solution for this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear MaLd0n I have installed the latest NVIDIA web drivers since I did 10.13.2 Supplemental Update (17C205). I made some edits on the config.plist you sent for the HD630. I can open my NVIDIA card in safe mode with the IOREG and CLOVER I send. Sound is not working, sleep / wake is working. Can I run everything with normal boot? Send me phase’s iMac.zip CLOVER.zip
  4. Hi MaLd0n There seems to be a problem with sleep and wake. The HD630 also mentioned that there was a problem like not being able to wake up from sleep. Did you apply a fix?
  5. Hello again Mald0n; I finished my High sierra (17C88) installation adventure. I could not get my GTX560TI display to work because of the "IOConsoleUsers: qIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0 now 0 sn 0x0" error, and I could boot with the HD630. (I have booted in safe mode with MacBook Pro 13.1 config.plist while NVIDIA GTX video card was installed but I did not install the web drivers and gave up for not finding a solution). I have tried many SMBIOS settings but I have not been successful. Can you find a solution to this in your opinion? I need new DSDT, you've already helped DSDT working with nvidia cards for Sierra. One more thing; if the nvidia card works, can it work at the same time as the HD630? Thanks for your help. Send me phase’s iMac.zip CLOVER.zip config_mbp13_1.plist.zip
  6. Hi MaLd0n, Thanks for the new Clover folder, but there was no change, the video coming from the monitor after 50% is cut off when mac-os is loading. I replaced the bootx64.efi file in my old clover 4184 folder. I can do normal boot like this, otherwise I can not get display without doing nv_disable = 1.
  7. Hello maldon, After a long time, I had a new problem, and I just said that maldon could solve it. Current mac-os version: 10.12.6 Current clover version: 4268 I did a clover update some time ago (I think 4220). After rebooting the loading bar after 50-60%, the loading bar disappeared and the image did not come back when the graphics adapter was switched on. After resetting, I booted with the disable nvidia driver option and changed the boot / bootx64.efi file in the EFI folder to the old version. I rebooted normally when I reboot. I have encountered the same problem during boot after the new update from today. There are ioreg and clover folders on the link. I'll be glad, if you help me. Files: http://bit.ly/2ikCugf
  8. Dear MaLd0n Due to a production error in the audio chip, the motherboard was replaced by Gigabyte. The DSDT files you sent worked on my new motherboard. I want to thank you again. Now I am cleaning up again, if there is a problem I will want your help.