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    Install from Windows?

    Thats exactly right, but you need to install more then just Chimera Bootloader for ML to boot
  2. wissmar454

    Install from Windows?

    As long as you have a virtual SL or Lion you can prepare the usb with ML on it, add the files that will allow the usb to boot on your pc. Restrat you computer, boot from the ML usb, install to your solid state drive. After installation is done, boot back into your Windows 8 with the vmware OS x, start your virtual machine that you created the ML usb with. Mount the ssd that you installed ML too in the virtual machine, from the vm install the boot files and bootloader to your ssd ML drive. Your done, restart your pc, make your ML ssd the first in your boot sequence. You should be all set, install your kexts to make audio, network, ect.. to work and you should be good to go
  3. wissmar454

    Dual booting lion and mountain lion

    Hey Mac Geek, this is my forst post and i'm pretty new to all this, but i tried the same thing, 1 hdd, 2 partitions, Lion and ML, and the same thing happened, i could boot into ML but Lion would now get a KP. I erased the ML install and installed to a different hdd and everything booted just fine. I can't tell you why this happens on one hdd with 2 partitions or a fix for it, but i just wanted to let you know my experience