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  1. Updated Firmware...how to go back?

    Hi, thanks. I don't know that I need to. I found a thread on a Digital Audio forum and was just curious. It's specific an audio app Pro Tools which can be finnicky at times. This is the post below. Not necessarily the gospel but I was just wondering how you do it anyway. Thanks for the rply >>>DON'T update the firmware if you're not updating to OS 10.4.8!! 10.4.7 runs waaaay slow with the new firmware. PT will run, allright (it runs pretty much on the card, right?), but every little drop-down menu is a drag... Repeat do NOT install new firmware on your intel-based mac if you're not updating the OS. Btw. PT HD is 'not tested' with OS 10.4.8, but maybe somebody tried it?<<<
  2. Updated Firmware...how to go back?

    Hi, excuse my ignorance. I just got a Mac Pro & immediately upgraded the firmware just because and then installed Boot Camp. Is there a way to go back to the previous firmware if I choose? Been years since I owned a Mac. Does it involve a clean install or something & will I need to re-partition & install XP again since the Mac Drivers disc was created after the updated firmware tweak? TIA!
  3. Only 2 instead of 4 processors showing in XP..help!

    XP Pro was the ticket...thanks y'all!
  4. Only 2 instead of 4 processors showing in XP..help!

    Really??? I do have the Home version. I'll have to investigate this hhhmmm.
  5. Only 2 instead of 4 processors showing in XP..help!

    Thanks for the replys...I did install the Mac Drivers, maybe I'll do it again. Rollcage: there is an updated version of Boot Camp which fixed the slow SATA transfer thingie I believe. I'm gonna be bummed if I can't access all the cores. Nuendo is pretty smoking on the XP side if it's only 2 cores. Thanks again.
  6. Please... Not sure if I worded that right. Mac Pro 2.66 came today...way happy so far. I fired up Pro Tools on the Mac side & very impressive results so I installed Boot Camp. Install went pretty well & opened up an XP PTLE session and where I had a choice of 4 processors on the Mac side I only see 2 on the XP side. I think I've seen something about this & have searched the various forums but having no luck yet. Any ideas? TIA!
  7. Thanks I'm gonna wait.
  8. Thanks for the replys all...learning some here.
  9. BootCamp SATA Driver fix question?

    I've been reading about the slipstream driver thing that needs to be done to increase transfer spped to SATA drives when using a MacPro XP/BootCamp...is this correct? I was wondering if I just install XP via BootCamp to the internal drive but read & write audio to an external Firewire drive will I have this same problem? TIA!
  10. PTLE and MacBook/XP/BootCamp

    or mac pro for that matter... Anybody doing this successfully and wondering what type of benchmark results you're getting? Thanks!
  11. Greetings...great forum. Hey I saw somebody mention something about "new" MacBooks/Pros coming out...any truth to the rumor? TIA!