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  1. The 1063 kext works also on 10.6.7!
  2. With my p5q, the 10.6.3 extension works as before after upgrade 10.6.4 (backup, reinstall, kextutility). Cheers
  3. Thank you Marionez. Everything is working fine. Obviously I lost autosensing of headphones (mic autosense was not working yet...). Still waiting... :-)
  4. Hi all, with upgrade to 10.6.3 I got the same mistake than xumix and audio has stopped working. But I think that solution proposed by fleebailey is not so good because (if I understand well) it is a patched applehda with version number greater than ever. We should prefer a proper enabler, like the one made by c.craigen for 10.6.2 to be put in /Extra, isn't it? Still waiting without sound...
  5. The extension you're looking is the one with autosensing that leaves the original in its place, but digital out and mic autosensing don't work yet. They are working on it... stay tuned. A question to you: it's a little bit OT, but how di u solved the usb ehci/uhci sleep problem? can you point me to the correct topic? tnx
  6. Bisogna innanzitutto chiedere a bill gates e amici di adeguarsi allo standard che consiste nell'avere l'ora del bios come gmt (non varia con l'ora legale ed è uguale in tutto il mondo) e l'ora del sistema operativo automaticamente scalata come fuso orario e ora legale/solare. Come pezza bisogna vedere di fare una cosa simile a ciò che può fare linux, ovvero di accettare nel bios l'ora locale compresa di correzione di fuso e ora legale. Non so se osx permette sta cosa e non ho mai visto niente in giro a riguardo... In alternativa ti consiglio di provare l'opzione speculare in windows, cerca su google: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation\RealTimeIsUniversal e vedi se funziona, scoprirai che appena il pc con windows va in standby l'ora non è corretta. Alcuni dicono che in windows 7 dovrebbero aver risolto il problema... occasione giusta per provare... Questa seconda alternativa renderebbe tutto più standard. Vedi anche qui. Facci sapere...
  7. Ciao a tutti, non è un problema di bios. E' semplicemente che windows usa l'ora locale e mac come tutti gli unix e come dovrebbe essere usa l'ora gmt nel bios.
  8. Hi all, @marionez: the attachment has been removed, so I can't test it. In any case I'm really glad to test any kext or mods you want. I'm a programmer, but I code microcontrollers, so my help here can only be useful during tests... @kipicool: the message in the log is "normal", meaning that your 'hack' is working like ours. The selection of line out instead of HP is normal (maybe someone can explain us how to do a DSDT patch that enables HP by default...), and it's saved by the os, so next time you login everything will be ok. @craigen: I will wait news from you. You all should remember that testing digital out means moving all my pc, keyboard, mouse and all the cables from the pc room to the sitting room, making my girlfriend angry and all the stuff... so please be sure when you put it on again ... (Better handled during weekends...)
  9. Hi all, tests with patched AppleHDA.kext made by Marionez: There are 3 output devices: Line Out, Headphones and Digital Out. - Digital out is working as expected: no autosensing, but when selecting digital out in output pane of audio settings, digital out is activated, volume can't be changed (as it is on a real mac) and output plays on my 5.1 amp. Behavior of itunes and vlc as explained by slyrfecso. itunes gets output as selected, VLC gets digital out always if set so. Everything is working as expected. Even Dolby Digital. I don't have DTS at hand to play, but I suppose it should. - In the output devices we have other 2 outs: Line Out and Headphones. They map to the rear "green" out (Lineout) and to the front HD Audio panel green out (Headphones). Obviously no autosense but they work if I switch one or another. So, I prefer the version with autosense (even because the kext is untouched...) but there are two things that are missing: - Digital out (no autosense required, I think, no one cares): works with marionez. - Mic input also from front panel hdaudio: autosensing required as much as headphones one (that is working now). Doesn't work even with marionez. Very useful for skype usage (mic + earphones). I think it's a good solution to have two versions (one for analog surround and one for digital): selection can be made in proper plist of kext maybe?
  10. Ok tomorrow I'll test digital out with marionez kext.
  11. Hi craigen, Unfortunately, no digital out. More details: P5Q has internal and external coax dig out. From Bios you can select "HDMI out" or "SPDIF out". I understand that HDMI means it's enabled the internal connector, and spdif the external one (asus is not clear). In any case I connected a coax to external spdif out to my 5.1 amplifier. No autosensing. No audio from dig out. If from "sys pref-> audio" I manually select 'integrated digital out' instead of 'internal speakers', no audio comes from itunes, when I go back to speakers, audio goes out again from itunes. VLC seems not so interested in this switch as it keeps playing thru speakers... I trust my 5.1 amplifier because the same cable connected to another source (dvd) plays digital sound, during these tests. UPDATE: I tested only with HDMI output in bios and got same result. :-( UPDATE: Sound assertion for me each time I select dig out: Sound assertion "false == streamInfo->IsActive" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-179.1.4/AppleHDAController/AppleHDAController.cpp" at line 4430 goto Exit P.S. No DSDT patching done at all. Do I have to :-) ? Maybe you can address me to proper readings in this forum.
  12. Hi all, @craigen: I'd like to test but I'm quite new to hackintosh (albeit old to computers and macs)... so I can handle new kext install, but I know nothing about HDEFEnabler or HDAEnabler (or DSDT/EFI hack that does the same thing)... so I'm stuck. Can you make a brief summary for this DSDT or HDAEnabler? I have a Coolermaster case with HDAudio front panel and I would like to have autosense working, also for mic... Tnx P.S. I boot with chameleon rc4 and "vanilla" P5Q bios UPDATE: I installed the kext, with vanilla AppleHDA instead of marionez, without DSDT or HDAEnabler, and audio works. At the moment I tried only back and front out (autosense works...). Tomorrow I will test dig out. Still waiting for help on DSDT matter.
  13. Ciao, questa è una sezione in italiano, quindi dovresti postare i tuoi messaggi in questa lingua. Il problema però è comune a molti con queste schede madri (me compreso). Si tratta della non corretta gestione/riconoscimento delle periferiche USB EHCI dell'ICH10R (che sulle nostre schede sono usb interne, connettori blu su scheda madre), rispetto, invece alla perfetta gestione delle periferiche UHCI che sono quelle esterne posteriori (osservate che nel system profiler vengono gestite dai due driver AppleUHCI e AppleEHCI). Il problema è che se lascio inserita una periferica usb nell'uhci lo stop funziona correttamente, mentre se lascio inserita una periferica nell'ehci appena il sistema va in stop, ci esce immediatamente. Il problema mi è spuntato quanto ho connesso un card reader 3.5" interno alla m/b. Da quel momento lo stop l'ho dimenticato. Ah, per far vedere le periferiche EHCI bisogna attivare il workaround EHCI da bios, altrimenti le porte EHCI non vengono neanche individuate. Ho letto un po' in giro, sembra che il problema sia nel riconoscimento della periferica come esterna e non integrata, ma a me già le vede integrate. Insomma nessuno sembra avere trovato una soluzione decente. Avete qualche suggerimento? Qualche prova da fare? Grazie
  14. [GUIDE] Chameleon 2 RAID - More complete tutorial

    Thank you for the tutorial. I made my pc boot from raid 0 by creating an image of an already working install (SL 10.6.2) on a single hd, formatting the two disks in raid 0, restoring the image on the raid partition. At this point, chameleon RC4 was able to boot from usb stick and see the volume. To install the boot loader I simply added to chameleon README your suggestion to copy boot.plist, /Extra in each boot partition, and I removed them from the raid one. Thank you again.
  15. Hi to all, I'm new to this forum and my first post is to say thanks to marionez for the driver. I have a P5Q with Vanilla SL 10.6.2 with a working audio in/out and working correctly also after sleep/resume. Previously used voodoohda (croppy sound after resume). If you have any test that I can do please feel free to ask for.