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  1. Where can I get this lovely wallpaper? Cheers Wikus
  2. Autosleep-Script

    Hi, thank you for the great script, but I have a small problem with the RIP3. Is there a way to analyze it? The Problem: I edit the script (line 5) and "set Programme to {"TeamViewer", "jdownloader", "blabla"}". I start the RIP3 and normaly the system should not go to sleep if one of the programs is started. But since one week, it doesn't work anymore. After the idle time the system falls to sleep, no mater if e.g. TeamViewer ist started or not. Any idea? Best Wikus
  3. @Shocknova: Did you try the new CD from this Morning? This should work...
  4. @mrjanek: You fixed that problem I was talking about? In the meanwhile I solve it bymeself. I install a different chameleon package and a different kext for my audio. So now it's working... should I install your new package? Best Wikus
  5. Nice Website, mrjanek :-) Maybe you have an idea regarding the Installation-Issues that I actually have. My System-Specs: - EP45-UD3LR - Core2Quad 2.3 Ghz - 4GB Ram - 1TB HD - Nvidea GT9600 Installation (in German language) works fine. I use your Boot-CD and SL Installation is perfect. I have 4 Partitions (SL is the first see atachment). After Installation I am able to boot with your Boot-CD and OS X works well (including sound and everything). If I now install the gigabyte-package (I choose of corse EP45-UD3LR within the setup), the system doesn`t boot from HD (I see chameleon but I get a kernel panic) and the sound is not working anymore if I boot from the cd, which is still working well. So I "just" need the possibility to get the Bootcd on my HD, because when I boot OSX with this magic peace of software everything works well! The Installation-Package on the CD destroys my sound and chameleon is not working... Any Ideas? Best Wikus 1.tiff
  6. Hi! this is my first post and I am very new to this mac os stuff. But finaly, with this guide I am able to install SL. After Installation everything work fine. Sound, Ethernet and video-card. But when I install the package from your boot cd, sound doesn' work anymore. And I am also not able to boot directly from the HD (kernel panic). I have the gigabyte GA-EP45-UDLR. Any ideas? Best Wikus