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  1. X230 El Capitan

    For Wifi in Windows you can plug the Original card in the othe spare mpcie slot on the Logic board. I guess that would work.
  2. X230 El Capitan

    Hi Gilg Would you kindly Help me rebrand an Atheros Ar5B95, so that I could use it on my X230 Lenovo, I've installed Yosemite on it and would like to replace the WiFi card Thanks
  3. X230 El Capitan

    hi , Can you put here some info on how to add your kext file to installed mac partition/ I installed El capitan using uni/url] method. installed swiftly and rebooted fine.I could get to desktop once but after reboot it shows apple logo for a few seconds and then black screen, while hard disk LED shows some faint activity. I did not have chance to inject your kext. where should they be copied and how? Lenovo x230 , 2306CTO , Bois Ver. 2.62 , core i5 3210M