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  1. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    I'm already four months researching and so far not succeeded, someone please help me! Post # 241
  2. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Somebody can help me?
  3. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Hi, my audio don't work. My motherboard is ECS A780GM-A Ultra, with SigmaTel 92HD206X Codec. My codec_dump.txt Codec: SigmaTel 92HD206X Address: 0 Function Id: 0x1 Vendor Id: 0x83847645 Subsystem Id: 0x10192816 Revision Id: 0x100402 And in AppleHDA > B0761D11 to 45768483 info.plist > 2206496325 Controller plist > 0x43831002 PinOuts (configdata) > <00A71C1F 00A71D40 00A71E21 00A71F02 00B71C20 00B71D90 00B71EA1 00B71F02 00C71C21 00C71D90 00C71EA1 00C71F01 00D71C10 00D71D40 00D71E11 00D71F01 00E71C22 00E71D30 00E71E81 00E71F01 00F71C12 00F71D10 00F71E11 00F71F01 01071C11 01071D60 01071E11 01071F01 01171C14 01171D20 01171E11 01171F01 01271C2E 01271D01 01271E33 01271F90 02171CA0 02171D11 02171E45 02171F01 02271CF1 02271D00 02271EF0 02271F40> But don't work. Dont appear the volume icon. but in "more info..." says: Device ID: 0x10192816 Audio ID: 12 Device Available: Earthphones: Jack 1/8 Mic Extern: Hack 1/8 S/P-DIF Out: Optic What's wrong?
  4. Como instalar?

    Olá, to tentando instalar o Mac OS X nesse Notebook mas não consigo... já tentei iAtkos v7 e Leo4All v2 e não tive sucesso... Mobo: ASUS T12Ug (RS690/SB600) AMD Turion X2 64 1.6Ghz 1GB DDR2 667Mhz VGA: ATI X1200 HD 80GB Wireless AR5007EX ou AR5006X Realtek R3139 Jah tentei de toda maneira... Me ajudem...