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  1. I would try with RAM because the more you have the more the computer can cache, meaning it will be faster and I would also try an SSD (unless you already have an SSD) good luck
  2. you could try it with a safe boot, maybe that works otherwise I would say that you have to priorities what is more important to you and then run the os
  3. have you tried booting without any flag? I had the same issue at the beginning, and at some point I just booted without a flag and all of a sudden it worked you could also try the -v flag, to see what it then does
  4. the strangest thing...almost everything works except the ethernet card it even recognized the samsung display model I have what I don't get is, I have to boot without "kext-dev-mode=1", because if I boot with that flag it will not boot up anyone an idea? hardware board: asus rampage iii extreme cpu: i7 970 gfx: ati 7970 3Gb ram