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  1. Yes I was thinking the same. Forgot all about the rBoot LE option! thanx edit: rBoot LE on a cd doesn't work: Mach-0 file has bad magic number This happens with trying to boot both my existing mac partition as the new one hmm, no time now anymore. will continue further in the week what did you think about my mount frase, did I make a mistake?
  2. I'm trying to create a solution to boot and install ML on a laptop which doesn't have any osx installed yet. Somehow we need to copy fakesmc and nullpowercpu to the new created osx installation. I had the idea to boot back into the installer usb, go to terminal and copy it by hand. I tried to mount the partitions as readwrite and the cp -r the kexts by using mount -a -u -w it didn't work I cp -r the kexts but they didnt appear in the target folder what is wrong with the mount syntax? Even better: couldn't we get the install procedure to automatically copy these kexts?
  3. I deleted the bluetooth pan and 802.11n adapter from the prefpane and added a new 802.11n one and now it show it correct
  4. How about upgrading to 8 GB, that will make a huge difference! another thing which is interesting: We talked before about the 2 finger scrolling. I noticed that if I run windows and then boot into osx, 2 finger scrolling works flawless If I go to sleep in osx and then return, it doesn't work as good anymore: i have to place my 2 fingers not at the same moment to let scrolling function
  5. A11 bios still doesn't work (after back from sleep: black screen) I noticed that the chameleon boot screen is out of proportion: I have it set to 1920 x 1080, but now it looked much more like 1024x768 because the chameleon them icons were huge. It seems the A11 bios does something different with the display I have no idea how to solve the prefpane bug, all other prefpanes except Security & Privacy work fine the network bug happens both on ac adapter and on battery edit: I also have the brightness bug. If I let my screen sleep and come back, it is much brighter btw: smartbatterymanagement from your Lx02X installer is still not working. Only VoodoBattery works fine (notice: you have a typo there ) Also, AppleHDA (first option) didn't work, but L702x option did
  6. That did the trick indeed! Good find 1 problem remaining: the security and privacy prefpane is not loading also something weird: in network settings it says that I'm connected through Bluetooth PAN and that my 802.11n adapter has cable unplugged :mellow: edit: I'll try and update to bios A11 to see if it still works...
  7. What's the difference between the 'normal' chameleon and the Enoch version? I upgraded Lion with ML and everything seems to work. Only sleep doesn't work (I have A06) I will also install a clean version of ML to check which kext might be the problem @scrappy_coco: not everyone has the money to buy a new laptop every year :wink2:
  8. @DoiX Great work with your new installer package! Had no time to test it until now. looks like it works fine except for smartbattery: battery icon doesn't show up. voodoo works question: everytime I testrun your packages I have to manually add the following lines again which is actually a pain. Is is possible not to replace the whole boot.plist but to leave the other lines? btw the graphics mode line is a nice add for the full-hd people. It shows the apple icon at boot in the right proportions <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1920x1080x32</string> <key>Instant Menu</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>Hide Partition</key> <string>hd(0,1)</string> (btw2 the hd(0,1) partition is the windows 7 recovery partition which most people will have) i7-2630qm full hd 6 gb 750 gb
  9. way to go DoiX! I'll test it soon edit: dropbox link doesn't work
  10. Ow, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was considered commercial and haven't seen your post yet indeed. I won't refer to it anymore. sorry again
  11. The reason to choose another disk is for example if you install on another partition and you boot back into your old osx to run the installer package to the new partition
  12. please use small letters You'll need to buy an wifi card or usb stick with a chipset which is supported by osx out of the box or for which a kext / driver is available. Mine for example is a Medion RTL8188CU/8192CU nano usb stick which works fine in OSX 10.7.4 with the official driver/kext from the Realtek site. I bought it for just € 4,-
  13. @DoiX, if you are updating your installer, please include usb3 pxhcd kext. I'm creating an easy install from scratch 10.7.4 method (still testing) and the pxhcd kext is needed. I also discovered the same problem as adeebm with the ps2 kexts from your package. If I just use the kexts from uni_beast, our touchpad is found. If I install your v7 package I get the message to connect a mouse or bluetooth mouse edit: also you need to address this problem: when starting your v7 installer, and ticking the chosen options to install, then when you change the target drive in the next screen: ALL chosen options are RESET TO DEFAULT!!!! multi_beast solves this problem by automatically going back to chosing the options after you changed the target disk I think many problems people have with your package are based on this bug (feature?)
  14. great! about CSTusingsystemIO: does it make any difference on our system?