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  1. @Glasgood, Per my previous post, I was able to purchase an apple wireless from a MacBook Air and utilize it for onboard wifi. You'll have to make sure to buy longer antenna cables (I made the mistake of not, then buying the incorrect ones which I then rigged up to use the right connectors, then bought the right ones). After purchasing the correct antenna adapter/cables, I'm getting 100% signal in OS X and it shows about 50% in Windows, though I'm getting the same wireless performance as the original onboard card. Great solution for anyone who wants to go a more "stock" route. Again, thanks for the guide and all of the useful information. Additionally, for anyone who is moving their ram during install (I believe per the guide), you can specify your ram type and slots and move them into dual channel mode post-install (I believe also per the guide). Anyone having issues with Nvidia graphics with all of the updates make sure to look into the webdriver script that's floating around, it's made all of the updates easy and painless for me.
  2. @glasgood I've got a very similar build going, by the way thanks for all of the resources, it's been a very long time since I've last done a hacktintosh. I'm looking at doing a complete direct replacement for the wifi (per your description on the OP). I've found a Macbook Air wifi card as well as an m.2 adapter. Based on another build I've found the adapters/card and will report back when I have an update. Thank you for everything. MacBook Air 13 A1465 A1466 2013 2014 WiFi Bluetooth Air Port Card BCM94360CS2 AP https://www.ebay.com/itm/262144387375 Hobbypower BCM94360CS2/BCM943224PCIEBT2 Card To NGFFM.2 Key A/E Adapter For Mac https://www.ebay.com/itm/292374890511