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    iPhone I or iPhone II + GoPhone service (no, really).

    I have an iPhone GoPhone and it works great! I just entered all 9's as my SSN when I activated through iTunes. Everything is still functional.
  5. brandon0104

    Boot Camp Fast Switching...

    Remember shortly after WWDC there was a mistake on the Apple website, saying Boot Camp would have fast switching between Win and Mac? Then it was quickly removed... Think we may still see this feature in Leopard?
  6. Its probably the same as it is in the US. I went through and chose the monthly plan, then I just entered all 9's as mine Social Security Number. iTunes then said I had to pick a prepaid plan, (since AT&T thought I had bad credit) Something is probably similar to this in the UK
  7. brandon0104

    Do you think Steve Jobs hacked his iPhone?

    Ok.... but don't you think it seems kind of strange Steve would take his hacked iPhone to an event where he knows people will ask him about iPhone hacking?
  8. brandon0104

    Do you think Steve Jobs hacked his iPhone?

    SERIOUSLY! I've watched several from the UK announcement but i haven't seen anything like numberz is talking about!
  9. brandon0104

    Do you think Steve Jobs hacked his iPhone?

    I would love to see this certain video.... can you post a link?
  10. Seriously, do you think he has? I mean come on.... who hasn't?
  11. brandon0104

    iTunes Wifi Store.

    If anyone has an iPod touch and has successfully hacked it. Please send me a copy of the iTunes Wifi Store, so I can see if it works on my iPhone. Or has someone already tried this?
  12. brandon0104

    Found 13th Button in iPhone Settings!?

    Sorry I haven't posted back. (I guess I accidentally turned alerts off) Right now, it has no functionality, however I have found that there is a file that mention iPod HIFI, and I believe in the same file you can change the name of Tone Control. Not sure why Apple would incorporate this and not make it functional...
  13. I was browsing through the file system last night, and noticed if you add a line to one of the plist files this appears in the Preferences. Does anyone know if this actually comes up when you plug your iPhone into a speakers set? Doesn't come with my speakers.