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  1. clean install from a new HDD, formatted as GUID
  2. mine is a clean installation well, a complete reinstallation solved the problem but i rather find the root cause then reinstall if this happens again tried -v -f cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes kext-dev-mode=1
  3. My installation works but after a couple of reboots, it will display a spinning beach ball AFTER logging in. Note that it's able to boot up right up to the login screen. But the system will just hang with a spinning beach ball after typing the password. Anyone else encounter such a problem?
  4. uzzikie

    RT73 driver for snow leopard x64 is release :D

    i have a Buffalo WLI-U2-SG54HP which is also RT73 Product ID: 0x00f4 Vendor ID: 0x0411 (BUFFALO INC.) it works well after amending the Info.plist idProduct from 216 to 244