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  1. hi, what method did you use to get it working? ive been trying the boot 132 cd method but i get a checksum error every time
  2. I'd be interested in that. The boot 132 method means we'd be able to install future updates straight away doesnt it? and using a retail dvd of course have you had any problems at all using this method? thanks ohhh and is it worth installing the 1.9 bios? anything changed in it?
  3. i switched sata mode to achi and its working fine now everything usb lan sata ide video 4 cores it even sleeps!
  4. for anyone here who used the leo4allv3 disc... what options did you choose? because ive just installed it and IDE WORKS! but now i have no sata...arrrrgghhhhh
  5. Has anyone here experienced any blue screens while using windows with the hacked bios? I'm getting more than I should be...
  6. Also, I don't suppose anyone here knows which kext is responsible for the IDE drives booting (or in thise case not booting) Leo4Allv3 has it working. And apparently it's not the JMicronATA kext...
  7. Marvell 88SE6111

    is there any chance you could send us the kext being used? I think its the jmicronata kext... thankyou
  8. do you know exactly which kext it uses? if you do, that would be incredibly useful as I wouldnt have to do a full install thanks
  9. make sure you have sata drives! including the optical drive
  10. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2 GB RAM, 8300GS 202.91 Without HDD 147.71 With HDD
  11. apparently that sometimes happens I think they had an HP tool in that thread somewhere to format the USB stick properly, then it should work
  12. ARGGHH I installed 10.5.2 using a laptop onto an IDE hard dirve with a usb adapator I plugged the hard drive back into this desktop and it booted up! everything worked fine on it apart from sound, which was my fault for choosing the wrong driver, and IDE obviously. restarted it, and back to the good old APPLEUSBEHCI error anyone know what it is? and darknezz, how are you copying it to your usb stick?
  13. Marvell 88SE6111

    yeah, I could really use with this as my usb converter is broken I'm suprised that still no one has come up with a way to fix this (not that I have any idea how to go about it)