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  1. Snowy wind os x 10.6.3 video playback in MSI Wind U100

    now the touchpad is not working...and the camera not working either... leave it, i'll go back to linux or windows 7. OSX is just too CLOSED for my taste. thanks for your help.
  2. Snowy wind os x 10.6.3 video playback in MSI Wind U100

    ok, i have reinstalled Snowy Wind OS X and and installed VLC. the video playback is ok, but still no camera. i open photo booth, the camera light is on, but there is a black screen. when i install the two KEXTS you mentioned, when i reboot, the system just hang. and i have to reinstall it to make it work again.
  3. Snowy wind os x 10.6.3 video playback in MSI Wind U100

    I know its installed, but how do i check if they are loaded?
  4. hi. installed Snowy wind os x 10.6.3 on my msi wind u100, and everything seems to work out of the box, except for video playback. all i get is black screen during the playback.it happens in quick time, VLC and even in photo booth, even that the web cam light is on.youtube videos working ok in regular mode, but all jerky in Full screen. so i guess its related to overlay. i try to change the output module in vlc player, but all of them are the same. any idea what could be the problem? thanks.
  5. Hi. got a copy of msiwindosx86 (leopard) and tried to install on an external drive. i have read that i need to partition it as GUID.did that and installed it on the external HD and the install finished without any problems. i did reboot and the netbook hang at the MSI bios logo. there is no way to press the END to enter bios or F11 to list boot devices.the only solution is to reboot. when i boot the laptop without the external HD, it boot into windows 7 without a problem. so i thought the external partion is no good, so i tried connect the HD to a Lenovo Thinkpad W500 and it boot flawlessly to Mac osX. *the MSI wind u100 bios is updated to the lastest version. *tried to play with various Bios configurations, including the default mode, but no change. could it be that msi wind cant boot from an external drive? i dont want to install the OSX86 to the wind HD cause i want to test it first... any idea? thanks.