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  1. Nvidia GTX 560 poor performance

    Ok, so I properly patched AGPM to support my card, and I can confirm using the console that the power states are in fact switching. The problem is that hit or miss, the performance is still very poor. I say hit and mis because without any changes, it will sometimes score ~34 fps in Cinebench, and then other times it will score about ~17 fps. I cannot see any obvious reasons why that would be.
  2. Nvidia GTX 560 poor performance

    I have a PNY brand Nvidia GTX560 OC 1024mb graphics card (not Ti). I am currently working fairly well, with functioning sleep and QE/GL and resolution support. However graphics performance is not nearly as good as it should be. I have tried pre-made patched KEXT files, non of which worked, and some cause freezing or KP issues. I am currently using a patch which is stable, but is not enabling full acceleration. From what I have read the Apple Graphics Power Management kext is the real key. So can any point me to a real guide that not only tells me what I need to edit, but can actually explain what I am editing, and what the effects of changing the values really are. A guide that tells you what to do without telling you why you are doing it is next to useless, and in some cases can even guide you to screw up your system. Here is what my machines profile is set to: I am currently running just this one graphics card, an Intel i5 3.09 Ghz, 8 GB Corsair 1333 ram MB is a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H SMBios Mac Pro 3,1 (if I use other Mac Pro profiles, it will KP during boot) If anyone here can either patch it correctly, or instruct me how to do so or link me to a page that properly explains how to do it, that would be wonderful. If you need more information about my setup, I would be happy to provide it if I missed anything.
  3. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    I'm gonna take this one further. We all love a simple kext that we can just install and be done. So I have compiled a KEXT that should support a wide variety of Broadcom 4300 series PCI cards. I use this KEXT myself and so far it works great. It should support more cards than the patch found here, I know this patch didn't work for me, but this KEXT does. Broadcom 43XX PCI Wireless Card Kernal Extension by KhanTyranitar This KEXT should support most common Broadcom 4300 series wireless chipsets. This works for PCI cards. If you have a USB card with a Broadcom chipset, this KEXT will probably not work. Thanks to the OSX86 team, InsanelyMac forum, and the entire Hackintosh community This KEXT should support most common Broadcom powered wireless PCI cards. Compatible cards will be recognized as Airport, and can be configured in the Network preference pane. This kext should work in both 32 and 64 bit mode. This kext has been tested on 10.6.2, but has not been tested on older versions. Should work on all versions of Snow Leopard. The following Chipsets should be supported BCM 4306 BCM 4309 BCM 4311 (Natively Supported) BCM 4315 BCM 4318 BCM 4320 BCM 4321 BCM 4322 BCM 4323 BCM 4323x Family BCM 4324 BCM 4325 BCM 4326 BCM 4328 BCM 4329 BCM 4342 The following card models should be supported Belkin F5D7000 Buffalo WL12-PCI-G545 Linksys PCMCIA Card WPC54G Dynex DX-BNBC Dynex DX-BGDTC Netgear WN311B (v1 & 2) Probably tons of other cards, as long as they have a supported chipset... I take no special credit for this KEXT. Even though I have written this KEXT and made this available to the community, this hack can be done by anyone with a text editor and a little know how. My goal here is to make a KEXT available to the community that can be installed and will work on as many Broadcom chipsets as possible, and to do it in a Vanilla friendly way. To install simply drag Broadcom43XXFamily.kext onto Kext Utility. This will automatically install to your extensions folder and repair permissions. Then simply restart and install the card. Broadcom 4300 Series KEXT