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  1. EP45-UD3P S3 sleep issues

    Yeah, the R1000SL kext but for some reason that still does not work for me, cant figure out why.
  2. EP45-UD3P S3 sleep issues

    I have no idea how to fix this issue, most likely we're stuck without sleep. Also I can not get bonjour to work. Everything else is smooth as butter.
  3. EP45-UD3P S3 sleep issues

    I have the same issue on GA-p35-DS4, I'm trying different things but nothing works. Will let you know if I figure it out.
  4. My photography

    In my humble opinion I think it would be much more beneficial for you if you'd focus more on basic photography principles like composition, color etc. and not so much on post effects. Photoshop and plugins can really help if used wisely but they can also make pictures look unappealing when overdone. The website for me is way to busy, you can't really focus on what is important - your photos. I would recommend finding a good online service to build and host your portfolio and there are free alternatives out there. This is only my personal opinion, I'm no expert. This is a sample of my work: flickr.com/photos/tadone Keep up the good work.
  5. Awesome. I love the black icons, where did you get all of those and also how did you get the weather to display like that on the desktop?
  6. Just use Kext Helper (google it). Very easy.
  7. Leopard 10.5.4 Experiencing Unusual Lagging

    I just switched my hard drive cause my old one was slowing me down. Whenever I would open an app like photoshop it would take forever. Now with the new hard drive it is blazing fast
  8. I dont know why but some of my icons display as a Unix Executable Files. I have no idea why and how to turn in back. Others are fine it is just select few are like that. The dng are okay so I dont know. Plz help.
  9. Everything looks good, you should have no problems installing Leopard on that. I recommend 4GB ram because its dirt cheap and you will notice the difference.
  10. I had both working very well, I've used it to edit my friends wedding video and I used iDVD to apply nice theme to the DVD. All turned out very nice.
  11. Somebody helped me, look back in multiboot section under " GUID OSX + XP + Chameleon EFI->how?" post #5. That works well without chameleon efi which I believe is needed to install vanilla os. Read a little about EFI in general because it is important for OSX, it works great except I just cant make it to dualboot. Noobs like us should help each other because the more advanced guys are to busy working on more important stuff.
  12. I am with you man. I figured out a way to do it with chain0.gpt but as soon as I install chameleon efi the multiboot brakes. If anyone could help would be great. Dual booting Windows (i dont care which one Vista or Xp) and OSX on two separate hard drives and I think I need efi to run vanilla OS.
  13. That sounds easy enough, now I have to reinstall my vista to xp again because I was hoping that vista bootloader would pick up my mac system. Unless you know a similar way of doing it under vista? Thanks for the help.
  14. Hi, I have similar question. I did a lot of research but still cant really find an answer and I think it's probably something really eassy. I dont know how to dual boot my leopard with chameleon efi and my windows system. They are both on seperate hard drives, I've tried easy bcd but it wont work.
  15. I think it would be better to go with motherboard that will support penryn CPUs, Gigabyte DS4 for example. It is cheap, rock solid and works flawlessly with OSX. But if you can afford Mac Pro dont hesitate, you will see the difference in overall user experience.