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  1. Oh, sorry man. It worked for me so I sort of directed you to the discussion. I should be more careful.
  2. SATA driver for asus p5b

    Weird. On my p5b deluxe sata worked but IDE did not (meaning I had to connect the DVD drive to USB). After the installation everything works. 10.4.8 jas something beta...
  3. SATA driver for asus p5b

    What do you mean? It seems to work as it is.
  4. Try this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=255659 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=255822
  5. Need Help with quad booting

    You need to manually add an entry to a file /boot/grub/menu.lst http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=295139 To edit it you can use the joe program from a command line or if you want to stay in graphical interface run konqueror as root and navigate to that file (not recommended by Linux experts but what do I care).
  6. Backup my wrecked OS X install!

    reads and writed to mac-formatted drives
  7. Do you guys know what it installs to XP and how to get rid of it if I need to? I was a bit alarmed by the amount of installation messages during the initial configuration. The other issue is that in my case Photoshop and Maya would not run in Parallels because of some licensing errors. They don't recognize the hardware the way XP does natively. Not that I really need them in Parallels, but just an observation. Oh, also it would help to put a note on where to find the .pvs file for people new to parallels (in Documents/Parallels).
  8. Backup my wrecked OS X install!

    There's macdrive...
  9. Added Natit and then black screen

    In my case it does go dead for minute or so every time.
  10. Added Natit and then black screen

    Wait for a couple of minutes more... I'm serious. This thing takes longer than you'd expect to load.
  11. SPECapc for Maya

    I'm trying to run a Maya SPECapc benchmark, but it comes with only PC instructions. Since it's just a Mel script it's supposed to be cross-platform. But I keep getting some script error. I don't know Maya that well and not OSX for that matter. It gives me an error about Global variable already initialized and therefore ignored... Does anybody know how to run it? http://www.spec.org/gpc/downloadindex.html - scroll down to the SPECapc for Maya...
  12. Dual Monitor Question

    Are they dual dual-link DVI?
  13. Personally, in addition to the motherboard boot menu I have Linux installed on the same drive as OSX. So on that drive I use a Grub bootloader. I added the other drive with XP on it (which is my main OS) to the Grub's bootloader. That way I can boot XP both by itself from the bios menu and from a simple menu list that includes all my OSs on the experimental disk.
  14. Maya 8.5 Benchmark on OSX86

    I get about 3:30 in both XP and OSX. OSX is several seconds faster. E6300 at stock speed. 2Gigs RAM. Asus P5B.
  15. What's the connection. You'd still need to share large files.