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  1. I previously had a dual boot OSX 10.5.2/XP via one SATA (XP) and one IDE drive (Mac) and the DVD drive worked fine. Now I'm using a dual boot via two partitions on an SATA hard drive and installation went reasonably well, but now the DVD drive is nowhere to be found. Windows sees it just fine, and I can boot from it as well. I used Zephroth disk on ASUS A8N-E. Everything worked fine when it was all IDE based, and everything but the DVD works now that it's SATA based. Ideas??? Searching turned up a couple unanswered similar situations but no joy.
  2. I'm not entirely married to this present configuration, but after 3 long days of trying I've gotten a single drive, bootable windows/non-bootable-OSX to boot XP from a boot prompt that shows both : ). Though again, only windows will successfully boot, I'm just happy to finally have Mac on that menu. : P I started with a fresh XP install, but made three partitions at that point, I think that was where things went wrong. The Mac (2nd) partition is now shown by gparted LiveCD as HFS+ beneath the dreaded Extended partition, which I read causes the chain0 failure. Is there a cure for this? Could it be as simple as telling the Extended to become Primary somehow? As I said, if repartitioning the Mac segment is easier, then fine. I really hate to have to do Windows again though. Any help is truly appreciated. I should say: 'any MORE help'... this place is amazing. Thanks all.
  3. nsomnius

    How to install grub ?

    That does sound like a painless way to go. Will it succeed as well on a multipartition setup as on a multi-drive setup? I'm having no joy with AMD/OSX/separate drives. GRUB seems like the way to go, but setting it up/troubleshooting it looks fairly excruciating.
  4. nsomnius

    lost windows boot option

    I've installed 10.4.8 AMD/Intel SSE2 SSE3 prepatched ppf1,ppf2 successfully and run it for a couple days, my first ihack and loving it. Opteron 175, 2GB RAM,1 Sata HD with windows primary,OS X primary via Acronis(broken),extra FAT32 partition. I finally gave up on partitions and threw in a separate IDE HD, set BIOS to boot it first and bingo. My problem is I no longer see a trace of Acronis boot loader and am no longer able to boot windows. F8 gets me bios boot options for both SATA and IDE, choose SATA and get Darwin and subsequent failiure to boot citing APIC panic. Choose IDE drive and boots cheerfully into OSX (runs beautifully in fact!) I suspect the botched 2nd primary partition on the SATA is the culprit. Any ideas how to get back a viable dual boot setup? Thanks everyone! - edit - I erased the record of the extra partitions on the XP SATA drive and still the same - no windows boot.
  5. nsomnius

    10.4.8 Tubgirl AMD Final problem

    @Slip Kid, could you spell out a bit of how you did that?
  6. For what it's worth, I succeeded in opening vwm by dropping the files onto a RAM disk while in windows with the guest OS shut down, changed the guest OS settings to use a hardware CD drive and now file interchange is only mildly inconvenient. Still hoping for some help with terminal though : )
  7. nsomnius

    doubt in vmware

    setup instructions that will help. : )
  8. This is exciting news. Guesting OSX in VMWare is of limited usefulness without the shared folders VMTools brings (unless I'm overlooking something that's obvious to anyone more learned than myself). On that note, my three hours have been logged and I'm no closer to running vmw. I plodded my way through cd-ing but am lost as to how a file can be accessed that has not been shared within the VM in the first place. A clue would sure come in handy right about now. For the record, I'm enjoying Myzars 10.4.6 I got a while ago after spending two solid days attempting Jas 10.4.8 on my QX6700 with 4 gigs of RAM. I figure it this can't wield a VM, nothing can. Looking very much forward to getting things smoothed out with VMTools or facsimile. Now about that clue : ).... Thanks for all the hard work!