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  1. A kinda wish list :)

    Granted it's a dead topic, but all except hibernation are possible. You can set up VPN connections in the Internet Connect properties, all you do is click New VPN Connection and specify the type, RRAS server, and so on. And he already said how to change the thumbnail view, and as for Outlook just install Office through Darwine. Hibernation however, seems to have plauged everyone, some with minimal success, others not so much.
  2. MAC OS X86 on DELL D800

    I've followed each step precisely, after figuring out the confusing cryptic english the translator he used put it in, and got the job done. However, my wired nic was still greyed out upon reboot when I finished, so I followed his procedure of repairing the file permissions, and rebooted again with no avail. So I moved on to the next suggestion of checking the vendor and device id in the info.plist. Considering mine is "vendor=14e4 device=1677" instead of what the file had, I went back through the entire process of copying the .kext's to the desktop and once they were there I changed the appropriate .plist and I modified the last string field with my settings, saved it, and went through the entire process again, then rebooted. Now come to find out, that the wired connection is still greyed out, the settings are in tact, my only question is would it have made any difference if I changed the first string to my settings instead of the last one?
  3. Forcing resolution?

    Excellent, the older b003-fixed version worked seamlessly.
  4. Network NEVER works... on any PC I install on.

    Excellent, that did it ... thank you.
  5. Network NEVER works... on any PC I install on.

    I repaired the file permissions too and that didn't work. If the file structure was like linux an idea would be to copy the networkInterfaces.plist file, and then take the copy and put it somewhere else like in " / " since it's convienent, and then modify the /etc/rc.local file, and add a copy command to copy the new modified version over the /library/preferences/systemconfiguration/networkinterfaces.plist one that keeps reverting back to en0. Since in linux one of the last things run on boot, is the rc.local file, I figure that if you were to copy the new one over the old one that keeps reverting back theoretically it would solve it. As for the reason this happens, I have no idea. I assume that the file might be generated by something else on boot, which could be why it keeps changing back to en0. Or maybe there's something else that should be done besides saving the file and rebooting. Repairing the file permissions doesn't seem to do anything except add false hope and a wasted 5 minutes.
  6. Network NEVER works... on any PC I install on.

    I have the same problem when I try that. I boot with the " -s " switch to boot into single user mode, mount the disk, and then I nano the file, change it, and save it. Then when I reboot it seems to default back to "en0". Does anyone have any ideas here?
  7. Forcing resolution?

    I have a Dell Latitude D810 with an ATI Radeon Mobility X600 that runs 1680x1050x32bit in Windows. And like mattrobs, OS-X is stuck with this 1024x768 business being stretched across the 17" lcd serving only as a good source of a head ache. So I investigated the Callisto video drivers, and went about the task of installation them. I used a fresh clean installation of OS-X 10.4.6 and then proceeded to go about the installation. I printed the installation instructions out, followed each and every step verbatim. I used the Monitor Asset Manager to figure out the PCI device ID while in windows prior to beginning, which was 0x31501002. I skipped Step 9 which was coding the EDID 128byte string for the monitor, because below that step in bold it specifically says for Mobilitiy owners the settings come from the BIOS. After completing all instructions exactly, and rebooting I booted with the switch -v to get some sort of verbose, and once it made it to where it started loading the Callisto video drivers and gui, the screen just went black and hung. So, I went to the troubleshooting page that I printed out, and the only suggestion that it had was to modify the Info.plist file of Callisto.kext, and to change the CallistoUseAltPLLMethod from "false" to "true", to activate the alternative PLL Method, and that was it. So I rebooted and used the " -s " switch to boot into single user mode since I couldn't get the to gui, and modified the file from there, and restarted. Needless to say, it didn't make any difference and the video still didn't work. So I rebooted with the " -s " again, and deleted the video drivers and i'm back to the migrane inducing 1024x768. If someone else has the same video card and has had success with it, maybe you can explain what you did different..