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  1. I am a new Mac user I have done windows up and down,school whole nine yards OK .Now I purchase this ridiculous Expensive mac,granted I have had it a year,a G5 dual Proccessor 1.8 1TB Hard drive and so it runs great I guess but here is my questions and were im lost I want to be full time mac user but these few things keep me at windows.The price!!! Also one thing is I cant believe the price I paid or some other people just for Apple to discontinue PPc G5 and this scares me do I buy a 3000.00 intel pMac just for them to drop that, MS has never done anything like that XP is still supported, also why do we mount and dis mount everything its a annoying xtra step along with putting my password in 20 Times a day, Now dont take me wrong I want this MAC thing to work for me I have way to much money involved and do like some of the features.I need advice on what to do,I need a good mac for dummies but the ones I tried dont expain well, should I just continue to be disappointed or how do I get to where you guys are with your comfortability with your MACS.I dont know I wanted this to be my super computer, goodbye windows and thats all but as I said first Apple just stopped supporting all those people with power pcs and that scares me more than anything or is this a computer for people that can afford to toss away 3 to 5 Grand and so on,THE ONE LOST MAC USER