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  1. @MaLd0n, I have used the DSDT that you modified for foraging_ferret and success !!! Now the shutdown is working perfectly I also use the clover settings (with the permission of foraging_ferret) Thank you for HUGE support !!
  2. just a question, what is the difference between the various Sm bios in the shutdown behavior? i saw that you use Mac Pro 5,1
  3. You mean that if i make a clean install the shutdown works correctly ?? Where i can find the Method (_PTS ??
  4. you mean the clover folder you post to foraging_ferret ?
  5. Hi Folks, I have the same shutdown problem on my rig !! The only difference is the SM Bios (i use Mac Pro 3,1 instead of 5,1 of yours rigs) can you help me out ? Thank you in advance P.S. today i change the Cpu of my rig from an i7 930 to a Xeon W3690 but the shutdown behaviour is the same
  6. Hi Guys , I have some midi clock timing problem on my hackintosh: After several test both software have the same problem, when you play the song for the first 4 bar it work well after it start to go out of time !! I have make the same test on my macbook with the same midi chain and no problem !! What can i do ? My config is following : Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5 x INTEL Skt 1366 DDR3 Cpu INTEL i7 930 Skt 1366 2,8GHz 4,8GT/s 8MB Ram Corsair DDR3 12 GB Video card MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX250 Case Fractal Design Define R2, Black Pearl HD western digital 2 x500 gb and 2 x 1tb Installation Method :Kakewalk OSX 10.6.7 Please let me know if you have any idea for solving the problems Thank you Fabio
  7. Can you tell me how to make it with chameleon ?? Another thing , i see that the apple keyboard not working with EasyBCD anyone have experience about it ??
  8. Anyone knows wich software can i use to choose what os is starting ?? Let me know Thank you
  9. Problem Solved !! i have read the previous posts !! If you want a 32-bit system, open /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist in TextEdit and go to line 8. Change arch=x86_64 to arch=i386 Thank you all !! kakewalk package is amazing !!! For all i used Frontier design Alpha track : The AlphaTrack is fully working ONLY with the 32 bit kernel For all i used Frontier design Alpha track : The AlphaTrack is fully working ONLY with the 32 bit kernel
  10. Hi All, I have build my first hackintosh but i have a problem with the kernel, Can you tell me how to switch the kernel from the 64 bit to the 32 ?? Let me know Thank you
  11. Hi All , I have build my first hackintosh this is the list of components : Mother board Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 Cpu intel Core i7 930 a 2.8 ghz Ram 6 GB corsair ddr3 1600 Scheda video MSI nvidia Gts250 PSU Fractal design Newton r2 1000 Watt Case Fractal Design delfine black pearl 2 HD western digital 1 TB for the library and audio recording 2 HD western digital 500 giga for the two systems OSX 10.6.3 and Windows 7 I have used kakewalk system for installation and all is working out of the box Thank you all for the info and for support !!!! Fabio I have problem with ono device on my hackintosh: i use the usb controller Frontier design Alpha track but on the hackintosh seems to not work i have try on my mac book with 10.5.8 and all i working well and also in my G5 with 10.4.11 Anyone have idea or experience on that ?? Let me know