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  1. I, and probably others, are still subscribed to this thread. So, not finished I guess is the answer.
  2. No, there's nothing special you need to do to make the PCI slots work -- they just do!
  3. Hello: So, I have good news. My Pro Tools HD3 Accel with PCI (PCI-X more accurately) cards is working using Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and Pro Tools 8.0.3. I haven't 100% nailed down what fixed it, but it was something in my DSDT. Even after updating my BIOS and redoing my DSDT with minimal mods following aserebln's instructions (aserebln.blogspot.com) I had the odd errors I described earlier in this thread. This time, I went back to stock DSDT (from my own board as before) and used one of those automatic patcher scripts I found somewhere (maybe from the package you recommended for the EX58, Noizyboy). This for some reason did not fix the CMOS reset issue, so I had to fix that again... I also did some other changes to the DSDT but either there was a change that I did following aserebln's instructions that messed it up OR the patcher script did some additional change that I hadn't done before that fixed it. If I ever figure it out, I'll let you all know. But the good news is I'm EFiX-free and running SL with PT, and so far it's running great.
  4. Yes Yes Yes Yes it is not. The air gap is sufficient, I'm sure. Since everything was 'virgin' I didn't go through any trashing rituals. I did build a brand new session, and now I have tried playing from both SATA drives and a Firewire drive, no difference. Yes -- it is like that looping right before a crash that used to happen sometimes, but it will stay responsive... I can even solo and mute tracks, whatever. I followed an install method by aserebln.blogspot.com and I don't think PC EFI was involved, though I have subsequently tried different versions of the boot file. I think I must have put something in my DSDT that is throwing things off. Today I started over and used older methods (no DSDT file) and installed Chameleon 2 RC2 and some kexts and BINGO, my 10.5.8 partition that works with EFiX now works with Chameleon. So I know I'm at least good for Leopard. When I have the will I'll probably go back over the RC 4 with DSDT procedure to try and get SL up. Thanks for your thoughts Noizyboy. I'll keep you all posted.
  5. Hello: I'm a recovering 'EFiX-er', just switched over to a Chameleon solution. I had been using an HD3 Accel PCI system (use only one 192 box) on 10.5.8 with EFiX (on older firmware) and that was working great. I just built up the system with a fresh install of 10.6.2 Snow Leopard and PT HD 8.0.3 (the newest downloadable full installer that appeared in my account today). Note, the problems I'm about to describe also happen with this Chameleon setup running the same 10.5.8 setup that works with EFiX. Installation went smoothly, and it all looked good. However, it did not sound good! I imported some stereo audio at 48k, then later 44.1, and when I push play it starts playing but AUDIBLY loops about 2 seconds of the audio from where I played, with static. VISIBLY, Pro Tools looked to be playing along fine. (insertion was moving, the metering was following the sound I was hearing). The length of the loop is related to the disk buffer size, with larger buffer giving a longer loop. Also, I was getting static (like digital clock problems) on some playing tracks. I managed to figure out that this happens only on tracks set to voices on A. So, if I put my playback engine to 192 voices and explicitly set a stereo track to play on any voices higher than A, let's say B 1-2, there is no static (still loops though!). Also, attempting to send system sound (iTunes) out of the Digi Core Audio (by selecting in System Prefs, Sound, Output, Digidesign HD) does not work at all. So, I'm a bit sad! But, not without hope. Could it be something to do with CPU identification possibly? A further bit of info is that another Pro Tools / EFiX user contacted me previously stating that when he did an EFiX firmware update that he also had this static and looping problem. So, if EFiX steals from you guys, then I guess I need to go back to an older solution -- but of course for the good of the project we need to figure this out! System specs at this time: -------------------- Gigabyte EP45T-UD3R bios F6 • Q9550 2.83Ghz Core 2 Quad processor • OCZ Gold 1333mhz DDR3 RAM, 2x2GB • 8600GT 512MB PCIe Video Stock frequencies (not over-clocked) • PT HD3 Accel PCI + 1 192 IO Box Chameleon 2 RC4 • Most mods done at DSDT, but needed EFI strings for Graphics and Sound • Vanilla Install with the following in e/e: CPUInjector.kext, fakesmc.kext, LegacyHDA.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, OpenHaltRestart.kext, PlatformUUID.kext Graphics Enabler is off (didn't work), and using 32-bit kernel. smbios plist is saying I'm a MacPro3,1 Thanks for any help!! SEE MY LATER POSTS IN THIS THREAD FOR GOOD NEWS!