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  1. Yesterday I've updated my hackint0sh based on iATKOS 1.0ir2 to 10.5.2. After downgrade proces of some kext (ATI Graphics, azalia sound, AppleSMBIOS) the system runs without any issues. Today I've noticed, that Time Machine backup does not work anymore (on 10.5.1 it starts to work after change IONetworkingfamily kext made by ToH). So of course I've replaced this kext with the one from ToH, but this time the change does not made any effect. Does anyone have similar problem? My config: ASUS P5K-E mobo Intel Q6600 2 Gig DDR2 iATKOS 1.0ir2 updated to 10.5.2 PC EFI
  2. Problems with iLife08 in Leopard 10.5.1 AMD

    I've solve my problems in more complex way. I've used Marvin's AMD Utility to patch the cpuids. Just run the tool and chose "Patch all binaries" option, then chose whole MAC hard disk to search for binaries. The operations of searching and pathing binaries could take about 20 minutes. After that I've ran QuickTime with the file, that always crash it and this time it works like a charm I've also noticed that importing files in iPhoto works without any issues.
  3. Problems with iLife08 in Leopard 10.5.1 AMD

    I have the same problem as described by JorgeCCastro. iPhoto crashes while importing files to library and QuickTime while I try to play an empeg files. I've add some codecs for QuickTime to be able to play Divx Xvid AC3 etc. and they are working well (no QT crash), but still have a problem with an old qt files. For those who (like me) cannot use iPhoto I recommend the Aperure (http://www.apple.com/aperture/). You can find it on the bay. It is much more functional than iPhoto and on my system (Leo 10.5.1 AMD based) working well.
  4. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    Bronya, I have one question. I have installed ATI X1950Pro (id 7280 by ASUS) on my Leopard 10.5.1 (AMD based system). It works like a charm and many thanks for that! But I wondering if I mess something wrong, coz I couldn't find the window like on the screen below: Could you (or anyone on that forum) tel me how to do it.
  5. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    Is it possible to run Leopard 10.5.1 with kernel 9.1.X in 64 Bit mode (without "-legacy" flag) on AMD system? MacDaddyIRC published once hacked kernel 9.0.0 for Mac OS 10.5, but is it possible to download from somewhere or to hack the newest kernel?
  6. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    I've also had a problem with "About this mac" crashes after upgrade to 10.5.1. I've solve it with the AppleSMBIOS.kext shared by MacDaddy, but I would like to add one more hint. Sometimes (like in my case) there is more than one file in /System/Library/Extensions related to AppleSMBIOS and when you replace only the kext file it won't solve the problem with crashes. I advise to first remove all files by typing: rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleSMBIOS* and then copy AppleSMBIOS.kext from MacDaddy. In my case that solve the problem with "About this mac" in 100%. Now I have a noob question: How to change access mode from "read only" to "read/write" on NTFS partition (WinXP)? I have my windows partition on SATA disk (nForce4 chipset) and after boot I have all partitions automatically mounted as "read only"
  7. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    My Leo is also VERY SLOW I thought, the reason was unsupported graphics card (ATI X800XL - no QE/CI), but now I realize it's not the one reason. I also have a problem with my SATA disk (Win XP). I have NForce-4 chipset and sometimes the whole system hangs without any reasons and the only thing which still works is mouse cursor.
  8. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    Works for me like a charm My spec: AMD Athlon 64 3000+@2.7 Ghz, ATI Radeon X800XL (no QE/CI for now) 1 GB RAM 18 GB PATA Disk (Leopard) 240 GB SATA Disk (Win) Thanks alot MacDaddy