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  1. Here try this... Install Chameleon 2.0 RC1 on a USB stick. [ Guide by JASON ] Open Terminal and Type sudo -s Enter your password and Type diskutil list Make note of the /dev/diskX where your USB stick is located (ex. mine is /dev/disk7) Keep terminal open and open Disk Utility (fyi, you can most likely create an MBR partioning scheme with diskutil, I just don’t know how) click on your USB stick and click “Partition” click the ‘+’ click Options and choose MBR Name it whatever you want (I named mine EFIUSB) Click Apply Go back to terminal Type “diskutil list” and make sure your USB device is still listed the same as it was before (“disk 7” in my example) Type the following string diskutil eraseVolume “HFS+” “EFIUSB” /dev/diskXs1 Where ‘X’ is the number of your USB drive you got before cd to your Chameleon/i386 directory Run the following commands: ./fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdiskX (where X is your disk – loads the stage 0 bootloader) dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXs1 (where X is your disk – loads the stage 1 bootloader) cp boot /Volumes/EFIUSB (copies the Chameleon ‘boot’ file over to your usb) mkdir /Volumes/EFIUSB/Extra (makes the Extra directory on the USB stick) Now from here, you can copy your Extensions.mkext, com.apple.Boot.plist, smbios.plist, & Themes directory using Finder over to your /Volumes/EFIUSB/Extra directory
  2. chameleon is in boot-kably-bumby btw rebel efi and empire efi work too... also ibored works but you need to be careful because I had never tried its bootloader personally but its designed to work with flash drives. Try reading this site...I know its for freebsd but mac was based off it(not freebsd but just bsd) so no worry. It tells you what goes on when you boot to a drive in your computer and give you information about the bootloader and how to install it but it mainly tells you how on a Linux machine. just get a hold of the bootloader you want and your set. -off-topic:Cool flash drive,I use my psp memory card as my flash drive through the card reader I have,It has a very fast read speed(10-20mbps!) than a regular flash drive.
  3. I thought about it and maybe..... but you can install a bootloader from within an hex editor to the beginning to a drive(sector0) Just don't kill the magic numbers to zeros and backup your stuff. You can use this program to dump an entire iso(any kind really) to a usb stick then you can use "boot-kabyl-bumby" to boot it(tested personally,should work ) just select your drive then select disk,click on "write files to blocks" & select your image then wait until done....BTW if it looked like it froze ,it didn't...its working. -p.s. there is a odd bootloader option in ibored if you get it working,let me know. Downloads: Windows iBored_Windows_1.1.4.zip Mac iBored_Mac_1.1.2.zip Linux iBored_Linux_1.1.2.zip
  4. nForce LAN driver

    I have a mcp78s and it doesn't work....Can someone help me? My board is a K9N2 SLI Platinum with a phenom processor. Is there any kext or anything that it might keep it from working? I am new to the osx86 thing but I am trying. Modified Ikatos v7(with my bought copy of 10.5.7 and voodoo's xnu kernel)