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  1. SL on SAMSUNG N510 ION Netbook

    Dear all, I'm really surprised. Today I have done the following: 1. I downloaded the CD/DVD-Image from the HP Mini 311 Darwin-Thread (this one: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=195381) 2. I burned the Image. 3. I used an external DVD-ROM and an external USB-Disk 4. I booted using the CD/DVD-Image (withour battery) and followed the intructions of the thread above: [1.) Boot your netbook using the latest project release media (posted above) 2.) Once the graphical boot menu appears insert your Mac OS X 10.6 retail media 3.) Wait 10 seconds, hit F5 and select Mac OS X Install DVD to start the installation 4.) Use Apple's Disk Utility on the Mac OS X 10.6 Install Disc to create a partition for the install 5.) Install Mac OS X 10.6 selecting the desired options 6.) Click restart after Mac OS X 10.6 has been installed and gives a warning about the startup disk 7.) On the HP startup screen after reboot hit ESC to enter the startup menu and insert the project BootCD 8.) Hit CTRL, ALT, DEL to reboot the BootCD and select your system volume when prompted 9.) Run the current project installer from the root of the project release media within Mac OS X 10.) Under System Preferencese / Security, uncheck "Use secure virtual memory"] 5. reboot from the external USB-Disk (and: surprise, surprise, it works ) 6. Added n510 neodoughnut DSDT to root 7. reboot again from the external USB-Disk (and: surprise, surprise, it works) and I see the internal harddisk Working: - LAN - Resolution 1360x768 - Touchpad Not working (not surprising): - Sound - WLAN - ??? Tomorrow I will check my BIOS-Settings (it's M02) and give, if you are interested some more details. So, I think, thats a good way to get a "first" running system. Bye, rocsta