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  1. One JACKED MoBo

    After I cleaned it off it was obvious to see that half of the contacts on the components were completely gone due to the corrosion. Atleast its already apart, maybe I can atleast make a few $ on ebay selling the parts.
  2. One JACKED MoBo

    Yeah thats what I think, tomorrow I have a long day at work so I might emplore the help of some electrical guys and some nylon brushes and electrical contact cleaner and see if I can get it cleaned up and working. Not crossing my fingers though...
  3. One JACKED MoBo

    So I acquired a laptop from my in-laws that had a bad power chord (tested it with a meter). So ordered a new chord off ebay and no dice. Damn! So opened up the cases and wasnt getting good power to any devices and only a few pins on the mobo. finally pulled mobo ALL the way out and looked at top side and think I found the problem.... Take a look! Guess this ones going to be scrap. compaq presario c500
  4. Kernel Panic while opening sys prefs

    That did the trick! Thanks, I realized that the problem was occurring when I was opening DMG's the first time was just a coincidence I was opening sysprefs at the same time. Thanks!
  5. Kernel Panic \ Sorry no screenshot its frozen, took photo with camera.
  6. About this MAC CPU reading wrong

    Well, after many tries, (5-6 distros and 3 boxes) I finally got my first box up and running! its running iPC 10.5.6 The machine is an emachine t3414 with an intel celron D 3.06 GHz processor. I would ASSUME that "about this mac" would read "3.06 ghz intel core solo" or similar.... HOWEVER it reads "1.5 ghz intel core solo" Any ideas? PS: Will post info to wiki soon after I work out a few bugs to help anyone else with this machine. Install Info: iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Base System VIA/SiS/Marvell/SB Chipset PS/2 Device Support Kernel 9.5.0 Computer Info: *note I have upgraded to 1gig of RAM Features/Specifications: eMachines Celeron 3.06GHz Mini-Tower System <li>General Features: <li>Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition pre-installed w/COA <li>Intel Celeron D 346 3.06 GHz processor <li>256 MB DDR SDRAM <li>80 GB hard drive <li>CDRW/DVD-ROM combo drive <li>No floppy drive <li>S3 graphics UniChrome 3D graphics <li>Integrated audio <li>Integrated 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN <li>56K ITU V.92 ready PCI fax/modem <li>8-in-1 Digital Memory Card Reader <li>Supported Memory Cards: <li>SD <li>MMC <li>SM <li>MS <li>MS-PRO <li>CompactFlash I/II <li>Microdrive <li>Motherboard Expansion slots: <li>Two (2) PCI slots <li>One (1) AGP slot <li>Two (2) DIMM sockets <li>Front Panel I/O ports: <li>One (1) USB port <li>Mic in, Headphone in <li>Rear I/O ports: <li>Two (2) PS/2 ports <li>One (1) 9-pin Serial port <li>One (1) 15-pin VGA port <li>One (1) Parallel port <li>Four (4) USB ports <li>RJ-45 Ethernet port <li>Line in, Mic in, Line out <li>Regulatory Approvals: <li>FCC <li>UL Package Includes: eMachines Celeron 3.06GHz Mini-Tower System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition pre-installed Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Start Here Keyboard Mouse Speakers System Recovery CD/DVD User's Guide Power cord Additional Information: Notes: eMachines model: T3414 Requirements: Available power outlet VGA monitor