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    New InsanelyMac website!

    Any way to sort replies and comments in reverse order? new items on top?
  2. AviLan

    Lite on DVD Drive Random Polling

    Replaced the Plextor drive with a PIONEER DVR-218L and all is working as expacted. No more light blinking, no more noise and the machine goes to deep sleep by itself. Anyone interested in a brand new Plextor DVD drive?
  3. Replaced the Plextor 880SA with a Pioneer DVR-218L and all is working as should be. No more access light and noise and machine goes to sleep by itself. Anyone interested in a new Plextor DVD drive?
  4. Plextor 880SA (same as Liton, both made by Plextor), access light and noise periodically and machine will not go to sleep by itself. I had to remove the drive in order to update the firmware (Windows support only) and noticed the machine switched into sleep by itself. Also, under Ubuntu there is no problem, noise or sleep.
  5. AviLan

    Lite on DVD Drive Random Polling

    I use a Plextor DVDR RX-880SA which is basically the same drive, both drives yours and mine are made by Plextor. I have the same problem and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it for months. I run Ubuntu as well as the SL and not a problem when booting Ubuntu. Which leads me to suspect it's an OS thing and not hardware. Anyhow, the drive will start clunkering every now and than if I don't use the computer for awhile. Than when the screen saver kicks in the rate increase. While in this condition the computer will not go into sleep mode only if I force it. I noticed the firmware is old and I had to pull the drive out in order to update it with the latest (can only be done under windows). Surprise, surprise: machine switched to sleep mode by itself... So the question is to those who has their machine running 10.6.2 and that the machine switches to sleep mode successfully, can you list your DVD drive make and model? do you see these drive poling on the activity LED? Thanks
  6. After applying the software update and installing the default 10.6.2 update some apps started to quit unexpectedly, especially Quicken 2007. Tried all kind of things and finally d/l the 10.6.2 Combo Update, fixed all my problems. Now if I can only figure out why the DVI output on the nVidia 9400 GT is not working once the OS is up and running (Bios, Chameleon and boot list is OK and than black screen). The VGA output is working just fine but its a VGA. This behavior BTW is happening under different nVidia kext.
  7. DD, thanks. Your guide rocks:) a minor issue after finish the install and update os to 10.6.2 - DVD Drive (SATA) is randomly accessed, I'd say every 30 seconds light on and quick scan noise and than off. I'm tried disabling kext's one at a time to see if it's any one in particular that is the culprit but so far no success. Anyone else seen this?