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  1. Do you have a windows machine handy? IF so you can do what I did and install SL on a VM and then do your install from the VM. Might be easier. I think you can't boot the installer from the hacked kernel. I tried that route several time to no avail.
  2. I believe the iGPU frame buffer is the right setting and it is the one I set. Have you tried hitting space bar and booting in Verbose to see where it hangs. Is your whole OSX on the USB drive or are you booting off it? If you are booting only you shouldn't have to do that since the boot files are on the hard drive. If you are running off the USB drive I have no suggestions other than to try taking the USB case apart and using the Sata on the MB. I took a Buffalo 250gb usb drive apart and it was sata and that is what I used internally.
  3. After finally figuring out how to install using instruction from a VM I had to install first, I am now up and running and typing this on the Hackintosh. I few items of note that I think finally made this work. I originally downloaded the mach_kernel patch from the step by step instruction on page 1 in like post 20 something. Interestingly, that is not the same download location as the link in the very first post. Until I replaced it with the mach_kernel from the very first post link, I was getting a kernel panic within 2 seconds of booting. After that, I was still getting a panic as soon as the Darwin OSX started to load. In a last ditch effort, I decided to go in to the BIOS and load SAFE MODE defaults. Not the other defaults. Then I only changed USB Legacy to Auto and USB 2.0 to high speed, changed the video ram to 512KB in the southbridge chipset settings, made sure disks were AHCI and that was it. Then I did a reboot and up it came. A few mistakes I made (some related to installing from VM). If you install 10.6 to your VM, you have to apply the 10.6.2 update to the VM before it will let you install to the secondary physical disk you are prepping for the IONITX board. This caused a problem as I didn't know I had to install a sleepenabler.kext patch. This left my VM dead. I had luckily (on about the 4th time through) installed 10.6 on the new disk before I installed the 10.6.2 update to the VM disk. So I removed the VM disk and booted directly from the physical disk, setting up the language, keyboard ... Once in to the VM, I installed 10.6.2 combo update and without letting it reboot, I installed Chameleon and the ionitx_boot_v2 files and the patched mach_kernel (obviously from above I didn't to the right one the first time). Then like a bone head I installed the sleepenabler.kext not wanting to have the same problem I had with the VM disk install. When I pulled the drive, and put it in the zotac, it was getting a panic right away. Removed sleepenabler.kext and it went a bit further. replace mach_kernel again and it went further, reset bios as above and I was finally in. Hope this helps someone.
  4. Still can't get this working. I do not have a Mac, but I do have a Virtual Machine running 10.5.7. The steps I used were, Partioned Disk, GUID, Journaled Installed SL from DMG by navigating to System/Installation/Packages and running OSInstall.mpkg (errors out unless I remove printer drivers from install) Tried to install 10.6.2 combo update but it won't install because I guess I'm not running it from a SL machine. Installed Chameleon, Replace /boot and added /Extras and replace mach_kernel. PUt in Zotac and I get a panic divide by zero error. Started over and this time installed HAzards MAC SL OSX that has an option to install 10.6.1 and 10.6.2 in the installer (also installs Chameleon and has the Atom patch built in), isntall goes fine. Then I went ahead for good measure and appled the ion fixes from thread and the mach_kernel. Exactly same problem. Disks are set at AHCI and USB is Auto, I can't figure out what other BIOS changes may be needed to teh zotac board and wonder if that may be he problem. Thanks for any help.