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  1. VoodooPower 1.2.3

    As someone mentioned before, the T7500 runs only at 2.01, the FSB is only 182MHz. Will this be resolved?
  2. Wht is the situation with cpu and disk usage? It's possible that the finder could be stuck or something.
  3. Mouse is laggish

    Try turning off the acceleration (with iMousefix for eg). it may fix the laggish feeling.
  4. Drivers for fan control on Dell Laptops

    I installed the .kext file, rebooted and started i8kfangui, the temp sensors work, but I can't control the fans. Inspiron 1525, Kalyway updated to 10.5.5, VoodooPower also running, and some other things around power control if that affects anything. Any clues, how to find out why it isn't working? Tried gui v02 PotatoeSalad's site, but no luck with that one, either... If I click on the Off/Low/High buttons under Status, the button changes its status immediately.
  5. Works, but unfortunately crashes finder after a short time. Dell Inspiron 1525, 10.5.5.