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  1. MacOs X on ASUS Eee PC 1015PN ?

    Hey Guys, first thank you for your Tutorial. But I've done it on another way. You don't need an external Drive, a USB stick would do it also. First you need a bootable USB-Stick with 8GB. You also need the NetbookInstaller, an unmodded Snow Leopard Retail DVD or Image. 1. To prepare the Stick, you need a MAC, too. But you should find a friend of you with a MAC. Go to Programs-System Utility - Disk Utility (Sorry my MAC is in German, so it's not exactly the right description, but you can found this way to prepare a stick in many posts.) Drop your Image of SL in Disk Manager and go Images-Check. Than choose your Stick-partition-and choose 1 Partition. The Format must be MAC OS Extended (Journaled). Be sure that in options it's GUID. After partitioning go to Restore and drop your SL-Image first and then your partition from the Stick. Click on Restore and grab some sweets, this should take about 20 minutes. 2. Start netbookinstaller and choose your new Install Stick and install on it. Be sure not to choose the System Partition of the real MAC! 3. Restart your 1015PN. Press ESC for BBS Popup. Now choose your Stick. The chameleon Boot-Loader should start. Wait or Double-click Enter. Now the Installer should start. The "best" thing is to erase the whole HDD and make new partitions. Go under Disk Utility, choose your HDD-partition. If you want to Dual boot with Windows, create 2 Partitions (or more). The first should be MAC Journaled and the Second FAT for your later Windows. After Creating the Partitions install OSX on the MAC partition and wait an hour or so. You should use the modified Netbook-Installer from one in this Forum. Or you can use my package, it's the same Installer. The Installer is in a thread about the 1215N. After Installing you should be able to boot with the Stick the Mac partition. I would prefer first install the Combo Update to 10.6.7 and than do the rest. After it you can run the Netbook-Installer from your new MACeee and now choose your MAC-HDD. Than you can install some of the Kexts (it's not a complete package or "good" package, it's a package which gave me no kernel panics and all kexts are working). Easiest way to install them is to use the Kext-Helper. After Restart you should a nearly good working MAC on your eee. WLAN is not working (or complicated to get it working) so i get myself a mini usb wlan stick from EDIMAX, this one: http://www.amazon.de/EDIMAX-EW-7811UN-Wire...2484&sr=8-1 Other sticks MAC compatible would do their job, too. This one is cheap and working for me. I know that it's no good Tutorial, and my english is not the best, but you can ask if you have questions. I hope it's ok if I post a link to the Files on my Dropbox: http://db.tt/kJf4FzZ What's not working for me is the Voodoo Power, it's for Energy Saving. EDIT: I forgot the Windows installing Part. After you have a functional OSX, start to install Windows with Stick or External Drive. Install it on the Fat Partition. After successful installation, download and install EasyBCD. Add an Entry for OSX, choose not EFI, choose MBR. You should have a dual-boot MACeee
  2. @tatesman: i made the update yesterday and sound is still working. the update hasn't overwritten the applehda.kext, so i needn't reinstall sound driver. in my case, sounds working better than before, because a little feature i missed is working again.
  3. Hey Guys, first I want to thank marionez and the whole board for this good work. Without you I haven't such a wonderful working Hackintosh. I have a Harman/Kardon receiver with USB in, and it's normally possible to play/pause or make next track via the remote. I'm using your patched Apple-HDA since 10.6.2 and first this feature worked like a charm. But after a few weeks it stopped working. After "reinstall" the kext with kext-helper, it worked again most of the time. But since 10.6.4 (or 10.6.5) it stopped completely working. I know it's nothing very necessary and also very special, but maybe you have an idea, because you have changed someting in your patched kext or something like that. Sorry for my bad english, i'm german. Greetz, maui