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  1. I finally got it working. Lilu was outdated. Now i am looking for dual gpu working 7950
  2. Finally figured it out how to update. Problem is after update I cannot login anymore. just reset
  3. I spend so many hours looking for a solution. Ik want to run dual GPU (not igpu). My r290 is working correctly but I cannot add a second card. I tried: 8800gt nvidia 5770 AtI 7950 ati. Is this a bug because of my cpu? 6800k
  4. Doesn’t work either black screen
  5. I want to upgrade my triple monitor setup (3x24 inch monitor 1920-1200x3) to a 4k monitor with the 2 1920-1200 monitor so 24 inch 27 inch 4k 24 inch monitors. Will high sierra run good on my R290?
  6. I tried to update my setup to 10.13.4 from 10.3 I get an black screen. I tried to enable SIP but didn't fix the problem. Any thought?
  7. I want to use a 6 monitor setup so I'm looking for a second GPU which work natively. which one do you recommend? I want to use my r290 for 1920-1200 4k 1920-1200 setup. will this work in mac os?
  8. full boot arguments: -v slide=0 dart=0 darkwake=0 npci=0x2000 kext-dev-mode=1 mbasd=1 -no_compact_check USBBusFix=Yes config.plist The card is fully recognized now when I boot into hackintosh. when i connect dvi it stucks. (weird screen)
  9. Ik have a 290 and 8800GT. The 8800GT will only boot without any cables connected. When I connect the cable in HS the screen is messed and I need te reboot. Couldn't install nvidia webdriver but the card should work out of the box. I have a skylake processor 6800k
  10. I have a x99 mainboard with 6800k cpu. R290 is working but I try to add an other gpu (7950) but can't boot anymore. I tried 8800gt as well. I used 679A1002 as fake id and Tahiti as framebuffer. Ports 5 I also use whatevergreen and lilu. Is this possible? Someone said that Skylake and dual GPU is a no go, is this true?
  11. Tried it but stuck at black screen The card should work native, when booting I can see him correctly in system profiler (without web drivers). When connecting DVI the system hungs
  12. I have a 5 monitor setup which works perfectly in windows and my old hackintosh project. I've upgraded to new CPU and I cannot get my 8800GT Nvidia gpu working. My setup: 16gb ram 6800k cpu r290 GPU (3 monitor output is working perfectly, RIFT as well) 8800GT Nvidia Several SSD's I inject r290 and it's working fine. I did the same with my 8800 gt and I can login mac os and see in system profile both cards.But I can only boot witouth any DVI cable (on my 8800gt, 290 is fine). I use clover. Do I really need the nvidia web drivers? Because I read somewhere that my card is too old for nvidia drivers. What do you recommend? I fil in fake id, ports 2 (I have 3, but one not a monitor output but tv (no hdmi))