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  1. blocco usb ml2

    Salve a tutto il forum..ho installato iatkos ml2...funziona tutto tranne l audio che e un realtek alc 1200..allora ho scaricato il kext ma dopo il riavvio le porte usb si bloccano ed ho mouse e tastiera bloccati..mentre se non installo il kext audio le usb funzionano... ho installato un altro kext le usb funzionano l audio sembra configurato ma non emette nessun suono help me please
  2. aid 10.6.5 's sound is heard but do not work out for headphones and microphone although I used your guide ...
  3. Sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb to SL 10.6.5

    Hello and thanks for the 'help ... I managed to make it all work .. .. but only once since after the second restart I have a monitor out of frequency ... Let me explain: I installed retail snowleopard 10.6.3 + 10.6.5 combo update and the ati hd 4850 video card is well recognized with its 1024 MB of memory and with qe / ci enabled and a resolution ... but just change the port the resolution to 1280x1024 gives me black screen that says out of frequency ... so I decided to keep her so to 1024x768 but it worked only the next time after the 10.6.5 update since the second reboot did not go longer even with 1024x768 resolution. . will be a problem with your monitor or video card? NB my monitor and a dvi-vga philips lcd 190v Max Resolution 1208x1024 75hz
  4. Sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb to SL 10.6.5

    Thanks for letting me respond ... I tried your method but the result was a black screen that says to set the monitor to 1280x1024 ... 1280x1024 and a monitor philips dvi .. anyway let me know because I made an installation with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] + multibeat with the DVD retail snowleopard I do your procedure after installing the 10.6.5 update or I can do everything at once?
  5. Sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb to SL 10.6.5

    good morning guys .. what's new about ATI HD 4850 and snowleopard 10.6.5? PS I had a look at wiki and I noticed that the same video card that only has 512 mb work ... give me some advice?
  6. Leopard 10.5.7 retail

    Hello to all the forum ... after several attempts to install snowleopard I decided to throw in the towel ... : (So let me know if you can install the retail leopard 10.5.7 and if it is possible to have a guide on installing on this computer since I have already tried but failed .. kernel panic .. the pc in question is this: Matherboard : asus p7p55-lx Cpu : intel i5 650 3.2ghz ram : 4gb 1333 mhz video cards : sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb ( hdmi-dvi-vga) ( no dual dvi) audio : onboard hd : wd 320 gb sata N.B I have tried to do the installation with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] + multibeat but all with negative results ... so I trust you .. and I hope to run this damn video card ...
  7. sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb

    thanks! you are a friend ... : D tomorrow afternoon reformat and install 10.6.4 combo update + snowleopard retail and we can hear on msn ... cmq in gaming I always detects a 256 mb memory instead of 1024MB ..
  8. sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb

    thanks guys for your help .. how did you notice on this computer only works the retail version .. now I tried to reinstall everything .. tried to install the various combo "10.6.2-10.6.3-10.6.4" in multibeat userdsdt and I put my dsdt added to the desktop without installing any driver, and always starts with the "-x" the only thing not tried is putting in some dev id kexts since I do not know how to do .. I have tried everything else ... I commend you ... you are great!!
  9. sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb

    Can you explain? What do you mean by original kexts? I pray I'm going crazy ...
  10. sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb

    nothing ... I tried your procedure and the result is always the same .. I reveals a ati hd 4830 256mb black screen or a confused .. then 10.6.5 upgrade but I found a kernel panic from me .. I guess I have to give up .. : (
  11. sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb

    still nothing ... black screen ...
  12. sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb

    nothing ... not working .. I'm going crazy .. this is my video card ... you can tell me where can I find the combo update 10.6.5?
  13. sapphire ati hd 4850 1gb

    Hello to all the forum guys ... I need mega help and I hope we can together to help ke anke ke all those like me, have the same problem ... X place you start the PC in question ... MOTHERBOARD: ASUS P7P55-LX CPU : INTEL 650 2.3 I5 RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333 VIDEO CARD: SAPPHIRE ATI HD 4850 1GB-VGA-DVI-HDMI HD: WD 300 GB SATA Burner: LG SATA DVD-DL MONITOR: PHILIPS 19 "1280X1024 MAX RESOLUTION DVI-VGA Then I tried to install several versions but the PC will go wrong xke get it back .. so I went into the store and I bought both the snowleopard ke .. but the snow leopard is installed only with the-x command only starts with the command -x-v ... and then definitely will sceda a problem with the video .. I tried both the 10.6.2 combo and the leadership of your wiki result but black screen "stanbay" or the screen with so many colors around ... installing the 10.6.4 combo I had black screen, screen colors and scattered black screen that says sleepmode .. I was more than 5 days to try and beat drivers from various forums but nada ... nothing to do .. sad.gif k and then I noticed the problem on the leopard video card was resolved .. ke not only makes me install .. I'm really desperate because ke PC in question has just been assembled with all new parts sad.gif kiedo so kindly if a guide or something I can fix my problem ...
  14. Un saluto calorosissimo a tutto il forum!

    benvenuto a bordo....
  15. Richieste guide

    ciao e benvenuto...metti in firma tutto il tuo hardware cosi possiamo aiutarti... fossi in te proverei la snow hazard dato che ho notato personalmente che è ricca di driver per un netpc e in più ha un kernel che supporta le cpu atom...